E-wareness: Foster Children






(December 2014)


Campaign Coordinator: Natalia Yungerlevi



Life is full of choices…but we don’t get to choose the families we are born into. Some of us are blessed with loving parents who provide unconditional love and that necessary guidance through those fundamental years of childhood…while others are not so lucky. At the age of 10 I found myself making decisions that no child should ever have to make. Living on the streets was no place for a young kid, but living at home with my schizophrenic biological mother was even worse. The police found me and placed me in foster care. At a time that seemed so hopeless, I met Cheryl. She was my court appointment advocate (CASA) and over the years became my adoptive mother. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her love and support. My life goal is to help foster youth with the difficult challenges they are up against. Join me in changing lives for the better, one child at a time.


If you read only one piece of the information we share, please read:

Together We Rise, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of foster children.


Other valuable links:


Children’s Bureau, within the United States Department of Health and Human Services.
Court Appointed Special Advocates of Los Angeles (CASA), pairing foster children with trained volunteer advocates.
CASEY Family Programs, assisting in the transition from foster care into the community.
Alliance for Children’s Rights, with free legal advocacy for neglected children.
Children’s Law Center, providing the court-appointed counsel for children within the Los Angeles Superior Court system.



For two excellent videos and more information in lieu of a single guest speaker, please click here to visit our 29 December 2014 online program.


Please keep an eye on the news for information about foster care; please look for ways, perhaps above with CASA-LA, to help individual foster children; please keep in mind that foster children have obstacles to overcome–everyone does–and we can help them while part of the system and in transition to society.


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5 responses to E-wareness: Foster Children

  1. Thanks for putting this up – I have a friend who is playing with the idea of adopting or doing foster care. I will make sure he reads this.

  2. What a wonderful topic to learn. Thank you for sharing your personal story why it is important.

  3. I’m excited to see the rest of your program and ways we can help. Thanks Natalia!

  4. Thank you for this very important topic. I look forward to hearing more. My husbands ex wife was Schizophrenic. When my husband was away she walked their five year old daughter and four year old son to Children’s Services. The two children remained in foster care until they were adults. Some foster home were ok while others were horrific. After meeting my husband and seeing how his ex wife lived with her than thirteen year old daughter, I made a decision to adpot our daughter, Melanie. My husband had taken on the roll of her father since her birth, though he was not.

  5. Natalia, thank you for sharing your story. Over the past 17 years with the LAUSD I have had the opportunity to teach several students in foster care. I am happy to say that I have remained in contact with some who are still living in California. Each child offered a glimpse into the positives as well as the difficulties that can exist in the process of getting into a home with adequate support and care. Fortunately there are some wonderful individuals who open their hearts and homes to children in need.

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