“One More Item” Food Drives




Our Rotary E-Club facilitates a public-outreach food drive at Gelson’s Sherman Oaks once a quarter.  We ask shoppers to add just one extra item while they shop, and leave it with the Rotary Club on the way out.  All of the food goes to VALLEY FOOD BANK‘s warehouse, for distribution to food pantries around the Valley or distribution directly to needy families.

We have gathered more than 14,000 pounds to date, over our first thirteen events.

Upcoming dates:

21 February 2016  —  1 May 2016

In addition, we enjoy helping our Valley Food Bank partners during the annual Letter Carriers STAMP OUT HUNGER day.  We hang out at the United States Post Office, one of two USPS collection points assigned to Valley Food Bank, as the mail trucks come in at the end of the day.  The mail trucks are filled with the generous donations by residents along the postal routes, and we empty the mail trucks and load the food onto the Valley Food Bank Truck.  Here’s a video of the crazy fun from 2012:


For a tour of VALLEY FOOD BANK’s warehouse and to learn about what they do, visit our Club’s weekly program from 8 October 2012. From there, just click the PROJECTS tab at top-right of the page to return to our main Projects page.

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  1. What an interesting programme. Well done.

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