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In 1999, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) launched and observe an International Mother Language Day on 21 February every year throughout the world, to recognize the importance of linguistic and cultural diversity as universal values that strengthen the unity and cohesion of societies.

Our Rotary Club has taken that concept to teach one of the core values of Rotary, world peace and understanding, to the students in our local schools.  Living in the culturally-diverse San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas, we visit with children who speak English in school, but English and many other languages at home.  Often we have spontaneous volunteers in a classroom come to the front to teach their classmates our lesson in their language.

Rotarians will understand–and we hope visitors will come to understand–that this unique project encompasses all five of Rotary’s Avenues of Service.  International: as we work with Clubs across the planet to gather these translations, and we teach local children about the great big world.  Club: as we enjoy working together to gather the languages and go in teams to schools; Club Service at its basis is fun team-building.  Community: as we reach out to local children of diverse backgrounds and together rejoice in the differences that bring us together.  Vocational: for us, as several of our Club Members are educators; but for the children, in this global community as the mature and someday go into businesses and professions, a head-start on making friends in other languages.  Youth: well, you can guess that one for yourselves!

What is our lesson?  How to make friends everywhere!  We teach Hello, Please, Thank You, Peace, and Love in many different languages.

CLICK HERE to view the most current version of our booklet, with the translations.

During a Club Meeting, we practiced the presentation so more Club Members can participate and go to more schools.  Here is the video, so you can join us next time.  If you are a visiting Rotarian, from another Rotary Club, please ask us how you can bring this project to your home area and implement it.  We are happy to share.


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