How Our “Dance For The Children” Works


On September 19, 2015, from 7pm to 10pm (an after-dinner event), at Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks, the Rotary E-Club of The Greater San Fernando Valley will host is Sixth Annual Dance For The Children.  We dance for the children who cannot dance because of polio, so no child ever has to say that again.

Here’s how the event works:

We’d love to have you just show up after dinner (snacks provided!) and have a good time and dance, but we are also raising profile for the polio eradication efforts and how close we are to finishing the job.  The event is held on a Saturday evening in September, from 7pm to 10pm, at Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks at 4633 Van Nuys Blvd., just south of the 101 Freeway, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.  The date for 2015 is September 19.

1) PLEASE ASK YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, STRANGERS, AND ENEMIES to “sponsor” you to dance at this event for just ten bucks.  (Most will donate a bit more, but if not–we’re happy with ten–that means at least SIXTEEN children who will never get polio.)  Checks payable to The Rotary Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation (your cancelled check is your receipt).  Cash also accepted!   The goal is $100 per dancer, then we waive the ten-dollar entry fee for dancers.  If you get to $100 collected, please feel free to keep going and aim higher!  (Seriously, next time you get up from your computer and go out, mentally count the next 16 children you see…and that’s just ten bucks’ worth of vaccine.)  ROTARIANS: your donation counts for YOUR Donor total and for YOUR Rotary Club’s totals (please include your own RI number for your donation, and your Club number for donations to TRF from friends and family to sponsor you).

2) If someone asks you “Isn’t polio gone?” the answer is…sure…HERE.  But in three countries it is still endemic, which means just a plane ride or border crossing away from catching momentum again.  Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.  Thanks in part to our little efforts, India was removed from that list of polio-endemic countries since our 2nd dance, and this summer Nigeria reached the one-year mark with no new reported cases, a huge first milestone on the way to being declared polio-free.

3) HAVE FUN at the event, and bring your friends.  And family, strangers, and enemies. Our Club Member and ace Arthur Murray Dance Instructor Sharon Gorrell will teach us dance steps throughout the fun evening.

If you aren’t available to come dancing with us that evening, donations to (by check made payable to) The Rotary Foundation will be gratefully accepted and we thank you, on behalf of the children who will never get polio, for your support.  Please mail your check to Rotary E-Club Greater SFV c/o Powell, 4915 Tyrone Ave #223, Sherman Oaks CA 91423.

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  1. I’ll be sending my donation today, by check. I hope my small gesture will make a difference, and keep Mel off my back.
    By the way (unrelated to this fundraiser);
    Don’t forget to reserve your non-profit Rotary E-Club of The Greater S.F. Valley booth at the 2015 Sherman Oaks Street Fair.

    Good job, everyone!

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