Rotary Clubs are service clubs. This is what we do.


Dance For the Children (for Rotary International’s PolioPlus Eradication Campaign)

We dance for the children who cannot dance due to polio, raising funds for vaccinations so that no child will ever need to say that again.









Click HERE for more information about our annual Dance for the Children.



ONE MORE ITEM Public Food Drives

In partnership with VALLEY FOOOD BANK, we conduct a quarterly public-outreach food drive at Gelson’s Supermarket in Sherman Oaks, California, asking shoppers to add just one extra item to their carts and drop it off with us on the way out. Our thirteenth Food Drive was on November 8, 2015, and through those Food Drives we have gathered more than 14,100 pounds of non-perishable food, equivalent to more than $57,000 of value to Valley Food Bank. Next up: Sunday, February 21, 2016.

Click HERE for more information about our “One More Item” Food Drives.



In partnership with THE GREATER CONTRIBUTION, we have provided one year’s support to two women in Uganda. We are privileged to support two women and their families through micro lending. Mary Nambozo, 29 years old, will open a small retail shop selling produce and used clothing. Juliet Nalukowe, 44 years old, will start a business to sell second-hand clothes. We will learn more about them during the year.

Karon Wright, founder of The Greater Contribution, will deliver these messages to our new friends in January 2016.

We look forward to helping improve more lives in the future.








Rotary E-Wareness Campaigns

With our unique and special format as a Rotary E-Club, we share e provide month-long informational campaign on issues of importance to one or more of our Club Members.  We share this information on our Social Media outlets, and our Members share that information as well.  We hope our Members, guests, and followers learn valuable aspects of important causes, conditions, and concerns.





Click HERE for more information about our “Rotary E-Club E-wareness Campaigns.”


Letters to Tohoku

In support of the survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami of 11 March 2011, our Club gathers letters of friendship written by children at schools in the Los Angeles area, students as young as kindergarten learning the Japanese language.  These letters are delivered each year in March, and do not refer to the disaster but instead are self-introductions, serving as a reminder that people outside of Japan care very deeply about the children of Japan.









Click HERE for more information about our Letters to Tohoku project.


International Mother Language Day

Our Club Members go to schools and teach children ages 11-14 how to say Hello, Please, Peace, Thank You, and Love in many different languages.  We gathered the translations from friends, many of whom are Rotarians, all over the world.









Click HERE for more information about our International Mother Language Day Project.


Projects in Development (ask us for more information!)

Micro Loan partnership with The Greater Contribution

Bone Marrow Donation/Database Outreach (local and international)

Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind, Reseda, CA


…and more ideas percolating! What’s your idea? Let’s find a way to help.

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  1. A wonderful video from 2010 Dance Marathon! 2011 event in September was also a success and blast! Looking forward to making it bigger and better each year.

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