Makeup Meetings for Rotarians



It’s a privilege to have you visit the Rotary E-Club of the Greater San Fernando Valley.

PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO SPAM ACTIVITY…we ask that you contact us directly and we will create an account for you so that you can, in the future, comment on the programs you experience here.  We hope you will!  Some of the following information will not apply until we can fix the spam issue…but we’re sure you’ll figure it out.  For now, after you’ve read this, or after you’ve viewed a program, please use the CONTACT option and we’ll set you up.

Membership in our E-Club is focused within range of our local activities is in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California, along with the cities of Burbank and Glendale.  For those who like maps…here’s a map, in the context of the surrounding areas.

We’re thrilled that you are here to make up a meeting with us.  Here’s how to do it:

1. If you have not yet created an account, please do, at the right of this page–this will enable you to post comments on our programs and use our contact form to request a make-up slip.  Your username should be your first and last names, together with no space, and your password is up to you. Please make a note of it, as we hope you’ll come back for more visits in the future. YOUR FIRST COMMENT will not appear instantly, as it must be approved by an administrator–this is to avoid spam posts by non-Rotarians–but once you’ve had your first comment approved, all future comments should automatically appear (but sometimes the site makes us approve them anyway). (Your comments will be approved very quickly unless it’s the middle of the night in the US Pacific Time Zone…we do occasionally sleep….)

2. Next, please visit our Programs page, and enjoy one of our weekly “meetings.” Clicking on the word Programs right now will open a new window or tab for you, so you can switch back easily to these steps.

3. Rotary International’s Manual of Procedure requires Rotarians to enjoy at least 30 minutes surfing an E-Club’s website to qualify for meeting attendance. There’s no timer running now that you’re here; of course we all honor the Four-Way Test; please do help us ensure the continuing integrity of the new E-Club initiative in Rotary.

4. When you have enjoyed the program, whether on video, by audio, or written articles, please see below for the COMMENT area on that week’s program page and leave us a few words about what you experienced. You may even find an interesting discussion that you’ll want to join. (It is not real-time, but you can “subscribe” to receive e-mails when anyone else posts a comment about that program.)

5. Attendance is always free of cost, but we will be very grateful if you will please use the DONATE button on the right side of the page to leave us “happy dollars,” as with any Rotary Club to be used for our local and international service. Please share some good news, too, during Step 6.

6. Finally, please go to the Contact link, which you can find either in the menu of links at left or the menu of pages across the top, and fill out the form.  We’ll have a make-up slip on its way back to you as soon as possible.

7. WAIT–we almost forgot the very important last two steps!  First, please come back and visit us again. We have a new program every week.  And second, please tell all your Rotary Friends (and others) about your visit with the Rotary E-Club of the Greater San Fernando Valley. Our members hope to have the pleasure of visiting your Club someday, too.

3 responses to Makeup Meetings for Rotarians

  1. This is one of the most engaging Clubs I’ve visited. I look forward to making up meetings as an excused to stop by. If I can remember, I’ll even show up in person at the next live meeting.

  2. Once again I have been pleased to visit this e-club. Often have found it difficult actually getting on line and participating in an e-club meeting but not so with the Greater San Fernando Valley E-Club. Always easy and always interesting. I will now continue with my travels and look for an “actual” meeting next week.

  3. I just finished watching your interview of planetary scientist Emily Lakdawalla. Great program. I’m going to watch it again!

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