9 September 2013 — Family and Friends of Rotarians






A quick, personal note from the Programs Chair: my Great Uncle, Dr. Daniel Burman, was a member of the Rotary Club of Jerusalem, Israel. He passed away in in 1989 at the age of 79; I was more than old enough to know him well. Granted, for most of that time I lived in New York or Los Angeles and he lived in Israel, and we didn’t have Facebook (on which I am connected now to all three of his children, almost all grandchildren, and a couple of great-grandchildren). But even so, I never knew until recently that he was a Rotarian.

The question of what we tell our friends and family about the fun we have in Rotary and the good we do is a major question around the Rotary world. It matters to our E-Club right now, as we have the opportunity (and we hope the obligation) to reach out to friends and family and ask for the tiny sum of ten dollaars to sponsor us for the Dance for the Children. It is a chance to open, or further, the conversation you have with people in your life who are not (yet) Rotarians. Some might be great ones; some might be looking for an opportunity to serve others and feel good about it, if only they were given the opportunity.

To the program: a couple of weeks ago, new Rotarian Reed Galloway’s awesome family came to our Fourth Sunday to participate in his induction as the newest member of our Rotary Club. We’ve had the family members of other Club members visit our gatherings and service projects. It makes the current week’s message in an official Rotary International blog called “Rotary Voices” particularly timely.

Although this post is about children, it applies to what we tell our entire network about Rotary. Please read what Simone Collins, a Rotarian in Australia and friend of your Programs Chair, has to say about this, and please consider how we can apply it to those close to us of any age.


Simone was also a long-time Rotaractor, with a unique perspective on the need to engage young professionals in Rotary, and we’ll seek to have a video Skype chat with her soon.


The opinions expressed by guest speakers are those of the speaker(s) and not necessarily of the Rotary E-Club of The Greater San Fernando Valley or its members. No endorsement is implied. Programs are presented for informational purposes only.



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  1. I look forward to sharing Rotary with my family by sponsoring me for Dance for the Children.

  2. Very heart-warming stories. I also love the comments Simone received on her blog.

    I have a friend whose father has been a long-time Rotarian. Though she is not yet a Rotarian, because she accompanied him to many meetings and multiple conventions, I know she feels and knows she is part of the Rotary family.

  3. Rotary has played such an important part of my life! I was a Rotary Scholar in Spain in 1985-86, where I learned Spanish and flamenco dance. In 1992 I was a GSE team member in Argentina, where I represented the field of American education. What an awesome exchange it was! As a result, I have become a Rotarian myself, now president of my club. I now engage my teenage son in our community activities, hoping he will adopt the love to serve humankind, as I enjoy doing daily through Rotary. We must all continue to involve our children in our Rotary activities so they can witness the results of goodwill and friendship. Youth Service is our theme for September, so go out and get at least one young person you know to participate in a Rotary event! You may not get immediate results, but the memory of the good work will pay off later in their life.

  4. Well as the newbie, where do I begin! I’ve not only been telling family and friends, but all who will listen. Sadly, I knew the name Rotary, had relatives that were Rotarians, but had no idea of all the great things that the clubs do in our communities and the world! We need to share this blessing with everyone.

    My son came with me to the food drive in July. My family was there when I was inducted, and when we got into the car, they told me how proud they were of me. I thanked them and told them we’ve only just begun….

  5. Judy and I can attest to the importance of spreading the word about Rotary. We have close family and friends who have been longtime members of Rotary and who were very good at spreading the word. We bacame interested in Rotary because of what we had heard from them.

  6. This week I did a make up at the Van Nuys Club (push the dance kind of thing). It was interesting to see them in action. There were a couple of gents who were celebrating 50 years of perfect attendance. The Guest Speaker was an interesting program about how he and his wife (who was present) had scaled Mt Everest. Especially of interest as he has one hand that is physically useless and had used a makeshift claw to allow that arm to work to his advantage. All pretty inspiring stuff. They even had me (me?) get up and tell about what an eClub is. Many of them didn’t know or had a weird understanding of our efforts. Anyway, I use to be the makeup king in another life. I recommend it (not for attendance) as it gives you a perspective of what everyone else is doing and how cool this deal Rotary is (not just for us) but for those in neighboring communities.
    ps I use to drag my kids to Rotary meetings and events all the time. They never saw it as being dragged. And neither did I. Back then was the best part of Rotary for me.

  7. my daughter Jackie sent this to me.


    considering that we are trying to do some good in Thailand, this is more then worth a watch. Hope everyone is having a good year.

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