9 January 2012 — DGN Jim Dyer, “ShelterBox Tour”


One Rotarian with an idea can change the world for the better.

One Rotarian created a way to provide emergency shelter for ten people for six months in one simple box. Getting behind this separate entity, ShelterBox, Rotary Clubs all over the world have helped rush shelter supplies to people in natural disasters even where governments can’t help.

ShelterBox is amazing all by itself, but of course it raises a question. What’s your idea to change the world for the better, and how can our Rotary Club make that happen?



Jim Dyer, a member of the Rotary Club of Santa Monica, is the District Governor Nominee for District 5280, and he will serve as our District Governor in the 2013-2014 Rotary Year.

He is also the local ShelterBox Ambassador, volunteering to teach Rotarians and others in the Southern California area about ShelterBox, what it is and what it contains, and how it helps.

If the embedded video is not visible, please click here to view it on YouTube.


Jim provided one answer , as promised, afterwards: 1,700 ShelterBoxes have been deployed to Japan and more than 10,000 winter gloves, scarves, and hats have been sent.

Jim also recommends the following great links:

ShelterBox In Japan.

ShelterBox history… “a couple of years old but still valid,” Jim says.

ShelterBox inventor Tom Henderson, a CNN Hero.

Testing in high wind and rain,

And the main website of ShelterBox USA


Finally, Jim notes that the team is looking for more ShelterBox Ambassadors in the Greater Los Angeles area.  For more information, please contact Jim at jim.dyer@rotary5280.org.


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3 responses to 9 January 2012 — DGN Jim Dyer, “ShelterBox Tour”

  1. Simple, unfortunate, necessary … I wish we would not need a disaster kit. Angelinos know all too well that as Jim said, our sponsored boxes may end up in Los Angeles. I liked Tom’s approach, ‘what would my own family need?’ I had to hold back the emotions as children opened their packets, mothers cared for their children, and men provided shelter and rebuilt. One big global family. It is the truth: )

  2. We always think that disasters are miles and miles away, until it hits you or your loved ones. That is what I felt when the earthquake and tsunami hit North Japan last March. We could be next. Are we prepared? (We do need that CERT classes, don’t we?)

    I finally had a chance to see a real ShelterBox and realized that it was more than a box – it is a lifeline for so many for so long.

  3. What a terrific example of Rotary in action. One person’s idea becomes a lifesaver for people in need around the world through the efforts of Rotary clubs everywhere. Also, thanks to Mel and Yoko for the very professional quality of the video. Posting that video online is a great way to spread the word about this program.

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