9 December 2013 — Nine for December Nine


Service Above Self

Service Above Self





Just for a little fun, here’s a random sampling of Rotary Club current activities around the world. Our Programs Chair chose the next nine Rotary Club Facebook posts while preparing this week’s program, whichever nine happened to be there, and dug a little deeper.

Enjoy…and see if you get any good ideas for our Club.

1) Rotary Club of Roundhay…in Leeds, UK

Posted on Facebook about a Supermarket collection for Shelterbox…they were asking for money…not like our Food Drives…but they did well…


“The Rotary Club of Roundhay took part in a Supermarket Collection at Sainsbury’s Moor Alleton on Saturday 7 December for Shelter Box. The proceeds from the collection will be sent to help the people of the Philippines who’s life’s were devistated by Typhoon Haiyan — at Sainsbury’s.” (Spelling and punctuation as in original!)

2) Rotary Club of Pell City…in Pell City, Alabama…which is about 30 miles East of Birmingham, and interestingly 15 miles east of a small town called Leeds…

Posted on FB to share the video of one of their members entertaining at a Christmas party with a version of “12 Days.”


Website is not newsworthy, which is interesting…as if internal only.  Not the best PR method, but worth seeing as an example…perhaps a lesson to make our own home page change more often than once a month .

3) Rotary Club of Great Lakes…is in Tuncurry, NSW Australia…on the East Coast between Brisbane and Sydney…they have Great Lakes, too.

Posted on Facebook to share the visit to their meeting of a Rotary Youth Exchange student they sponsored, to Spain

Website hasn’t been touched since early 2012, so it’s a good thing they post fun stuff on Facebook…and we’re not sharing it here!

4) Rotary Club of Dallas…chartered 1911

Posted on Facebook to promote this week’s meeting and speaker, a Rotarian in charge of a division of the Dallas District Attorney’s office.


5) Rotary Club of Alexandria…in Alexandria, Minnesota…Western MN, closer to Fargo, ND than the Twin Cities

Posted on FB to recognize their newest Paul Harris Fellow.


There is a Rotary Club of Alexandria in Virginia, in Louisiana, and in Egypt…at least

6) Rotary Club of Tortola…in the British Virgin Islands, it is the name of one of the islands

Posted on FB to share photos of their installing a slide in a playground…this may be part of their Haiti Project but it is tough to tell…a reminder to Rotary Clubs that both your own members (who know the story) and the public (who should be told the story!) visit your Facebook Page and website…they do a lot, this Club


7) Rotary Club of Stratford, Connecticut…near Bridgeport, about 30 minutes SW of Yale

Posted on FB to recognize the winner of a long-standing community award that seems to be named in memory of an honored past Rotarian, it might be a regional Rotary thing encompassing more than one Club

Good FB page…but a static website–not shared here–with only a calendar, and nothing under their Service Projects Tab…compare that idea to our PROJECTS tab…

8) Rotary Club of Sacramento (California)…been around since 1913

Posted on FB just to share photos from their most recent Club Meeting

Surprising they remember it, seems to have involved lots of wine

Posted a few minutes later with a meeting recap, which was a review of other organizations’ projects their Club Foundation has funded…which is nice, but hands-on like ours are also nice.


9) Rotary Club of El Dorado Hills…a bit East of Sacramento, CA

Posted on FB to announce this week’s meeting speaker, a Rotary Youth Exchange student from Brazil this year

Website is nice but a cople of weeks behind…


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