9 April 2012 — Foundation Alumni


Who do you know around town who would be a great Rotarian and fantastic addition to our team?

And are you ready to take it up a notch and help our E-Club launch?



The Rotary Foundation implements several successful educational opportunities worldwide. Ambassadorial Scholars travel to a different country for a year of graduate-level study; most recently we have hosted here in our area Sara Motomura from Japan and Josie Mayerle from Germany; and if you have not yet heard the story of Lee Broekman, who studied in Amsterdam on an Ambassadorial Scholarship provided by the Rotary Club of Westwood Village, now would be a great time for you to hear from her.  One Ambassadorial Scholar, Naoko Yamazaki, has flown in space and spent some time on board the International Space Station, and will be our guest speaker via Skype in the near future (from Earth, though).

Our own E-Club member Yumi Ashida is a former Ambassadorial Scholar and we will learn about her journey soon.

Rotary also sponsors several Centers for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution, and alumni of that program also are out changing the world for the better on a daily basis.

This week we meet four Rotary Foundation Alumni and learn about some great people and the good work they do.  We will have the privilege of speaking with two of the four–Miho Kishitani Fukuhara and Aadila Sabat–as our guest speakers as well.




Miho Kishitani Fukuhara

Kelly Nicholls

Aadila Sabat

Bill Prost


The opinions expressed by guest speakers are those of the speaker(s) and not necessarily of the Rotary E-Club of The Greater San Fernando Valley or its members. No endorsement is implied. Programs are presented for informational purposes only.



Language of the Week: Bahasa Indoesian


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  1. Bill Prost’s Five for Water project interested me. This seems like an important and easy fundraiser to support clean water in Third World countries. Our club should consider getting involved.

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