8 September 2014 — Sean Davis, Speaker via Skype, Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Belgium



MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 — 6:15pm  — Club Board of Directors Meeting, The Fireplace Room at Denny’s. All Club Members always welcome.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 — 7:00pm to 10:00pm — FIFTH ANNUAL DANCE FOR THE CHILDREN, in support of The Rotary Foundation’s PolioPlus Fund and continuing the eradication of polio, Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks, 4633 Van Nuys Boulevard, just south of the 101 in Sherman Oaks.  CLICK HERE FOR FLYER!

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This month’s Rotary E-Club E-wareness campaign will present information about suicide prevention.  Late this month one entire online program will be focused on the topic, and throughout the month our Club will provide resources gathered by our Club Members Reed Galloway and Sharon Gorrell, this month’s coordinators.  Stand by for information we hope will be helpful to you and to the people you care about.  See the campaign by clicking here.









Two weeks ago in our online program, we introduced you to Melodie Genty, a Rotary Youth Exchange Student visiting us here from New Caledonia.

This week we flip the visits.  Sean Davis is from right here in Southern California, the son of a Rotarian (in fact, the son of one of our Rotary E-Club’s special guest speakers several months ago at a Fourth Sunday), and currently enjoying a “gap year” after high school as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Kraainem, Belgium, near Brussels.










Sean was kind enough to take the time to talk with us via Skype, from his own room in his host family’s house in Kraainem, about the process of becoming a Rotary Youth Exchange Student, and his early experiences after only two weeks abroad.  He will talk with us again mid-year and after he returns home and we’ll get a great look at the before, during, and after of a Rotary Youth Exchange experience.

Here’s our conversation…Chapter One.

If the embedded video does not work, please click here to view it on YouTube.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: Applications for Rotary Youth Exchange are available by sending an e-mail to Warren Bobrow–you heard about him in the video–at warren@allaboutperformance.biz.  (They are not on the District’s website.)  Applications for the 2015-16 school year will be accepted until December 31. 2014.


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  1. Good interview, Mel. It will be interesting to hear from Sean again after he has been there a while.

  2. Thank you for sharing this interview, Mel. As a teacher, I appreciated your questions. The interview was a wonderful vehicle to inform potential Rotary Youth Exchange Students about the application process and opportunities that exist.

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