8 October 2012 — Will Hernandez, Director, Valley Food Bank


We were privileged to conduct another “One More Item” food drive on Sunday, 7 October, at Gelson’s in Sherman Oaks. Simultaneously the Rotary Clubs of North Hollywood and Universal City Sunrise covered the Gelson’s location in Valley Village/North Hollywood.

We’ll have the “count” of what generous shoppers gave us, one item at a time but often more than that, in a few days, but with the bins filled to overflowing it looked just as good as our 1 July efforts.  We enjoyed being out in public and visible as Rotarians raising the profile of what we do, doing good for families in crisis right here in our local community, and enjoying the experience ourselves as a wonderful bonus.

Here are some photos from the day; I believe you can view them without logging into Facebook if you are not already on that all-consuming thing…

The Drive for Twenty-Five, when we Barter for a Charter…is in progress!












There are families in crisis right here in our own backyard. How we help those in need tells us a lot about ourselves.

Since 2001, Valley Food Bank has been “fighting hunger and feeding hope” to residents of the San Fernando Valley who have fallen on hard times. Will Hernandez, Valley Food Bank’s Director and a friend of our Rotary Club for several years, was kind enough to explain the need and how we help, and give us a tour of the warehouse in Pacoima.


If the embedded video is not visible, please click here to view it on YouTube.


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4 responses to 8 October 2012 — Will Hernandez, Director, Valley Food Bank

  1. Will looks great. Is he affiliated with any clubs in the valley. Remember the DG mentioned that the restaurant owner who hosted the Kiwanis, wasn’t asked until he spoke to him about Rotary. Maybe Will has a way. lol. I’m sure you asked but just in case. Great video. Maybe we can loop it and have it go during our future drives on a computer. Something to think on.

  2. The food drive was a lot of fun again. It was nice that some shoppers remembered us from the last food drive. Many of them picked up more food to donate.

    Seeing Humberto’s smile at the end of the day takes all the aches and pains away from the tired legs. :)

  3. It was nice to see how our efforts are being utilized!

  4. Nice to see the warehouse and learn about how the food is stored and distributed. Great video!

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