Rotary Club of the Week for 7 November 2011

It is our privilege to introduce you to The Rotary E-Club Sunrise of Japan, courtesy of our Club Member Yoko Matsui.

What is the name of your Rotary Club?
Rotary E-Club Sunrise of Japan

What is the town or city, or the part of a city, the state or
province, and the country?
日本 和歌山県 和歌山市 湊通丁南1−3−1
Wakayama, Japan

When were you chartered?
2010年4月21日加盟認承 2011年6月28日E-Club変更認承
Chartered on April 21, 2010.
Officially converted its format to E-Club on June 28, 2011

Who is the current President? (If it’s not you, what is your role in the Club, now or in the past?)
現会長:柳瀬 智明   記入:直前会長
Current President: Mr. Tomoaki Yanasse
Questions answered by Mr. Yotaro Toyosawa, Immediate Past President

How many members are in your Club?
4 (editors note: they are rebuilding now that they have converted to E-Club)

What is your Club’s website address, and does your Club have a Facebook Page?
Yes, on Facebook.  (editor’s note–unable to find their page but still looking!  They definitely have a Twitter account.)

When and where do you meet?
毎週火曜日午前0時から翌週火曜日午前0時まで ローカル例会は毎週火曜日午前9時から10時までWakayama Big Ai, 2-1-2
Tebira, Wakayama

We meet on line from midnight Tuesday to the following Tuesday at midnight. Local meeting takes place on Tuesday at 9am – 10am at Wakayama Big Ai at 2-1-2 Tebira, Wakayama, Japan

What is your favorite Club project? Or your favorite two, we know it’s hard sometimes to pick just one.

Mangrove tree planting support in the Philippines
Various activities to support the effort to rebuild areas affected by the Great North-East Japan Earthquake and tsunami

Trading banner or logo?

What else do you want our E-Club Members, Rotarian visitors, and guests to know about your Club?

This brand-new E-Club is the first official E-Club formed in Japan. It is the top contribution club in District 2640 to the Rotary Foundation, with a contribution of $1300 per member between July and September, 2011.

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  1. It was great to learn about the first E-Club in Japan. Fantastic!

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