7 May 2012 — Welcome to Bangkok!


The “official” brochure is still ready! Download here:  BROCHURE1eclubv2 (or it may open for you, and then you “save” it), print it front and back, fold in thirds, and show your contacts what we can do even better with them on the team.

Who do you know around town who would be a great Rotarian and fantastic addition to our team?

And are you ready to take it up a notch and help our E-Club launch?

On 6 May our E-Club enjoyed a fantastic in-person gathering, making substantial progress on two projects and having a good time while we were there.

1) Food drives, quarterly, public outreach, and how our team can accomplish them.
2) Jennifer’s stories and photos from her trip to Japan earlier this month, and her visit to Tohoku, the tsunami recovery area in Japan.


It’s Convention Week in the world of Rotary!  Let’s go visit!


(Watch the videos; read as much as you can; learn what’s happening and how we can help.)


3 responses to 7 May 2012 — Welcome to Bangkok!

  1. Yoko said on May 7, 2012

    Sawatdee Kah, everyone! How wonderful that Rotary is recognized in so many countries. Would have been fun to be there in Bangkok, but I can feel the energy and excitement just by reading about the convention.

    Also, our in-person meeting Sunday was very productive. It was a wonderful treat to have Will Hernandez from the Valley Food Bank to discuss about our near-future food drives. Jennifer’s stories about her recent trip to the tsunami and earthquake stricken areas of Japan were moving and enlightening.

    Feels like we’re moving forward!

  2. Great how with the aid of technology we can hear and see all that’s going on in Bangkok! Very inspiring clip on the former Sudanese child soldier who’s now a peace advocate and hip-hop artist!

  3. It’s great that the conventions are so well documented with videos from the various sessions. Bangkok looks like it was spectacular in the information shared with attendees. I also liked the idea of the House of Friendship where clubs could seek out other clubs and projects to partner with. The experience of meeting fellow Rotarians and the hospitality of the Thai people looked also to be memorable.

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