7 July 2014 — Exciting New Rotary Year!


MONDAY, JULY 14 — ALL DAY! — CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN FUN- AND FUNDRAISER! Download/print THIS FLYER, share with your friends (and enemies, too), and enjoy a good meal. Valid only at the CPK Westfield Topanga location in Canoga Park.  Get it from the link in this paragraph, please; the image you see here is just a mirage.









SUNDAY, JULY 17 — 12:30pm — Our FOURTH SUNDAY meeting for July, with a special guest speaker TBA, and President Linda’s first Fourth Sunday meeting!








Welcome to the Rotary E-Club of the Greater San Fernando Valley at its first meeting of the new Rotary Year!

First, let me express how proud I am to be a member of such a vibrant, active Club, and how excited I am to serve as its President this year.

We have so much to look forward to this year: Stimulating & Informative programs, Fulfilling projects, and always FUN activities.  Keep in mind that it takes participation, planning and resources to keep us going, and we rely on a strong group of leaders to help make it happen.

Light Up Rotary in 2014-2015!

Club Brainstorming…

In the comments section below, please post any and all of your ideas for projects, activities, partner clubs and organizations…everything you think might be beneficial for our Club to do this year.  Then, in about a week, I’ll take all the ideas and create a poll to send out to our Club members.  When we announce the results of that poll at our meeting on July 27th (if all goes well), when we can decide as a group which of the highest polling projects we want to do this year.

Service Above Self”

We are an active Club.  Club Committees are a way to make sure we have the resources and time to do the projects we want to do as a Club.  As a club committee member you help make our club a successful, thriving, and fun place.  If you’re interested in joining any of the Club Committees, please contact the appropriate Committee Chair.  I’m sure they’ll all appreciate the help.

Programs Committee (Mel P.)

This year our Programs Chair will introduce a new service project as a part of our monthly programs:   Monthly E-wareness campaigns

Beginning this month, at least one of the weekly online programs will be dedicated to making a difference through raising awareness of a particular health-related issue.  Club members will have an opportunity to curate such a program on a topic that holds special interest or has special meaning to them, including information, links to relevant materials, and hopefully a speaker on the topic.

Some members have already volunteered to curate months.  Please take a look at the months that are still open and, if you are interested in contributing to a program around a health-related issue, please let Mel know.   Ideally we’d like to focus on issues of importance to our members.  Those included below are just some random suggestions.  For some other ideas, Click Here to link to a list of monthly National Health Observances.

■      July – Skin Cancer (Linda/Mel)
■      August – Immunizations or Children’s Eye Health (Open)
■      September – Suicide Prevention (Reed)
■      October – Breast Cancer (Linda)
■      November – Bone Marrow & Blood cancers (Roy)
■      December – Safe Toys & Gifts (Open)
■      January – Volunteer Blood Donor month (Mel)
■      February – American Heart month (Open)
■      March – Colorectal Cancer, Poison Protection or Nutrition (Open)
■      April – Autism, Organ & Tissue Donation, or Stress Awareness month (Open)
■      May – Lupus (Brenda)
■      June – AIDS, ALS, Men’s Health or Scleroderma (Open)

Community Service Committee (Brenda B.)

Under Brenda’s stewardship, we look forward to continuing our hand-on support of the Valley Food Bank at our quarterly food drives, and at the North Hollywood Post Office on Stamp out Hunger day.  Last month, when we installed the library we donated to Therapeutic Learning Centers for the Blind, we offered ongoing support through the services of the Club and its members to engage in reading programs, and even a field trip to tour NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory with Rotarian Jorge Vazquez (PP, Glendale Sunrise).  Also in the planning stages this year is Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training for our Club members, so that we may be better prepared to help ourselves and others in the event of an emergency.  We may also engage in other activities throughout the year, to be determined, but ideas include volunteering our time and/or making material donations to help restore the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission, from the fire last year that nearly destroyed it.

Youth Service Committee (David A.)

David Arnold and his committee will continue representing our Club in supporting the Daniel Pearl Magnet High School Interact Club, alongside the Calabasas Rotary Club.  Both he, and committee member Jo Anne Catran, plan to reach out to youth at other local schools, as well.  In addition, our Club will sponsor two students to RYLA this year. A first for this Club! Contact David for more information.

International Service Committee (Sara V.)

Sara Vasquez and her committee will evaluate various ways our Club can participate in International Service this year.  Ongoing projects include Letters to Tohoku, an avenue for overseas supporters and people in Japan’s Tohoku region to connect through messages of friendship, in light of the ongoing recovery underway after the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami and, the annual International Mother Language Day project, launched by UNESCO, and observed throughout the world each year on February 21st,  to recognize the importance of linguistic and cultural diversity as universal values that strengthen the unity and cohesion of societies.  As in past years, our Club will apply that concept to teach one of the core values of Rotary, world peace and understanding, to students in our local schools.  Also, the Garden of Life project, spearheaded by Sara, is one of those in which we may participate this year, depending on the progress made in Thailand toward its funding.  We are obviously a Club that takes action.   Contact Sara with any other ideas you may have for International Service.

The Rotary Foundation Committee (Roy G.)

A project that falls into many categories is our Fifth Annual Dance for the Children to eradicate Polio event, which is already scheduled for September 20th.  Primarily a fundraiser for Polio Plus, it’s impact is international in scope, and also serves to showcase Rotary and our Club to the Community as an ideal Rotary Day activity. Be sure to mark it on your calendars, and invite all your family and friends to donate and, if local, to participate as well.  Also in the early planning stages is a District Community Grant project for 2014-15.   In addition to Polio, the other areas of responsibility for The Rotary Foundation Committee include TRF Fund Raising and Grants.   Contact Roy to learn more about both Community and International Foundation opportunities.

Fundraising for Club Projects Sub-Committee (Reed G.)

This committee is getting us off to a FUN start this year at the Club CPK FUNdraiser, on Monday, July 14th.  In effect all day at the CPK Topanga, a full 20% of all purchases made with the flyer–click here–will be donated to the Club.  When you invite your family, friends and co-workers – and I know you will – be sure to remind them to bring the flyer.  Let’s get this party started!

Working together, we will most certainly succeed again this year, in making a significant difference in the lives of others.

Go Team!!!



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  1. I am sad that I will miss the CPK FUNdraiser this time around, as I will be in New York enjoying some pizza pie with my family members. Fortunately I have some supportive friends on this coast who have committed to ordering lunch that day from the CPK Topanga. I also dropped off a few flyers to some of the businesses in the area. Have fun and enjoy!
    On another note, I would love to offer my assistance for one of the weekly online programs in April on Organ and Tissue Donation. I have been fortunate enough to meet some lucky recipients whose lives have forever been changed for the better because of the grace of donors.

  2. I am happy that we are going to do the E-Wareness campaign, That is a perfect project for an E club.

  3. Looking forward to the new and exciting Rotary year. I’m not sure what month I can contribute for the E-Wareness campaign but am planning to participate. I believe this is a wonderful way to bring awareness to serious issues that affect everyone. Go E-Club!

  4. A lot of exciting things planned this year, looking forward to it!

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