7 January 2013 — Get More Out Of Rotary in 2013


We launch the second half of the Rotary year with two goals in the forefront: complete the process of chartering and continue the joy of service activities.

We’ve locked in the date for our E-Waste Collection event. Save Saturday, February 9 on your calendar. The location is North Hills, and we’ll be sending the Flyer to the Club via e-mail…distribute it far and wide, please. We’re helping the planet by facilitating the proper disposal of electronic waste. We’re helping the community by giving them open space in their garage or storage! And it’s a vital fundraiser for our Club, as the E-Waste company will donate money to us based on the total weight of the items dropped off bu the public.

For this week’s program, let’s take a look at Rotary International’s ideas for a bigger 2013, and add our own.

The Drive for Twenty-Five, when we Barter for a Charter…turns out it’s plenty with twenty (but don’t stop there…more on this soon)…is in progress!










Here’s the link to the article on the Rotary.org website, as provided in the weekly e-mail updates we can all get from Rotary.  But this week we will copy and paste the text.  Any links in this article–there are many–can probably be accessed from below, but if there’s any trouble then visit website itself form the link in this paragraph.

Seven ways to get more out of Rotary in 2013

By Antoinette Tuscano
Rotary International News – 2 January 2013

Be part of Rotary’s efforts to End Polio Now

Consider planning a fundraiser for polio eradication, taking part in the World’s Biggest Commercial, or having your club or district light up a landmark as part of Rotary’s anniversary celebration on 23 February. Rotarians have made great progress in the push to end the disease, but the job isn’t finished yet. As little as US$0.60 can help immunize a child against the incurable disease. Contribute to PolioPlus, and learn more about Rotary’s eradication efforts.

[CLUB NOTE: Soon we’ll have the date for our Fourth Annual Dance For The Children.]

Think strategically and set club goals

Rotary Club Central is an online assessment tool that helps clubs set goals and track their accomplishments, such as contributions to The Rotary Foundation. New features have just been added that allow clubs to plan and track service projects from beginning to end, and set public relations goals. Log in through Member Access, and help your club work more efficiently by using the tool to set and measure club goals.

[CLUB NOTE: The online tool is good, but we will roll up our sleeves internally, too.]

Help the Foundation fulfill its mission

Make a resolution to donate to the Foundation’s Annual Fund in 2013. Skip one latte a week, and you’d have US$100 or more to contribute to your club’s Every Rotarian, Every Year effort. You can make a one-time contribution or a recurring gift.

[CLUB NOTE: Access to Foundation money is dependent on our getting chartered as an official Club, but it still never hurts to help The Rotary Foundation support local projects all over the world.  Some ideas are percolating.  We’ll talk.]

Get up to speed on the new grant model

In July, all districts will begin using the Foundation’s new grant model. Get prepared by learning more about the model. See what Rotarians have to say about the model, read a global grant case study, and check out a guide to the new grants in Global Outlook.

[CLUB NOTE: There will be formal and required training for Clubs to be qualified on the new grants; Sara, Roy, and Mel will be the first trained but all are welcome; more news as we have it.]

Get inspired at the RI Convention

The 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon, Portugal, 23-26 June, is an ideal opportunity to network with Rotarians from all over the world, develop your leadership skills, and connect with others who share your recreational, professional, or humanitarian interests. Lisbon was recently voted as the best quality for the price destination in the world and the friendliest city in Europe by TripAdvisor’s annual poll of users. Discover why Lisbon is an explorer’s paradise on our convention microsite, and register today.

[CLUB NOTE: If you are not going to Lisbon, commit to keeping an eye on the event that week by visiting www.rotary.org.]

Publicize your good work

Public Image Grants enable districts to raise Rotary’s profile and promote the global and local work of Rotarians by placing public service announcements on television and radio, in print media and on billboards, and on the Web. Help your district apply for a grant by 4 March. To further promote your club’s signature activities, be sure to update your website with information about your projects and meetings. Also, start a social media page, and follow what Rotary is doing on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

[CLUB NOTE: We’re good on Social Media, although fellow FB-users and Twitter users “sharing” and “retweeting” our Club news will help.]

Connect with alumni

Rotary Foundation alumni can be effective speakers at club meetings, and many are potential club members. Reach out to them.

[CLUB NOTE: More on this soon…and it will be a fun project for all of us to do together, hopefully finding us some great new Rotarians.]

 What’s in your pack of great ideas?


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  1. As a former grant writer I’m sure we can combine our ideas and skills to come up with a successful grant.

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