6 May 2013 — Scott Sterling, The Museum of The San Fernando Valley


Our Club’s day with the visiting Group Study Exchange (GSE) Team from Japan is this Friday, 10 May, and a fantastic day is planned. We’ll explain GSE more thoroughly next week. Friday is the final weekday of their month-long visit to our Rotary District.

After the Rotary Team Leader (Satomi Omata) and her four young professional team members visit the Rotary Club of Glendale Sunrise, they will enjoy a tour of Nikkei Senior Gardens, a senior living facility, as the final vocational visit of the tour. Mrs. Omata owns two senior care facilities in Japan; team member Minami Wade is a nurse; and police officer Namiko Ishikawa, dentist Noriaki Oshimura, and television director/producer Hiroki Ogino will be along for the ride.

From there, we will gather at the San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center for lunch with close to 80 local Japanese Americans, where the team will give their official presentation as they do at Rotary Club meetings. We’ll enjoy some other Community Center activities as well.

The next stop will the group’s only visit to a major historic site representing California’s rich Spanish and Mexican past, Los Encinos State Historic Park, where we will have a docent-guided tour and a visit to the famous duck pond.

We conclude our day at Shiraz Restaurant in Glendale, where we’ll enjoy an informal dinner together with the members of the Rotary Club of Glendale Moonlight, a “new generations” Club of great young professionals.

Our mission is to give our five honored guests from Japan a meaningful, cultural, fun day, and we are looking forward to doing exactly that.






The San Fernando Valley has a rich history, some fascinating historic sites…and no museum where that history is collected for the public to experience and for lessons to be learned.

In recent years, however, “The Museum of The San Fernando Valley” has been created by a hard-working volunteer team of community members who are dedicated to the preservation of our regional history, and whose passion is to find a permanent location for a real bricks-and-mortar (or adobe?) museum.

The President of the Museum, Scott Sterling, who is a third-generation Valley-based owner of the family construction business (his day job), was kind enough to spend some time with our E-Club to share stories of history and to educate us about the process of the creation of a museum. Also joining us was Museum Founder Jerry Fecht.


If the embedded video does not work, please click here to view it on YouTube.


MultiCultural Music and Art Foundation of Northridge (MCMAFN) website, with information about the on-site theater at Rancho Cordillera.


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  1. Good interview. Scott is an amazing guy. We use to pitch pennies together in the cub scouts. Long history of our own.
    The Valley has always been an interesting place. Chinatown the movie was based on the political machinations that took place to bring water to the valley and LA.
    Lot of movie and writer’s history here too.
    Good luck Scott

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this interview. As a Valley Girl since 1958 it was exciting to hear that our local history is being commemorated through the new museum.

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