6 July 2015 — Who We Are, What We Do


As we begin a new Rotary Year, it is a good time to review the basics of our Club. I hope that our new members will find this summary helpful in understanding how our Club operates and what we do. For our existing members, I hope it will be a reminder of how far we have come in a short time.

We have a strong foundation as we start the year. Let’s improve the projects we already do and let’s expand into new areas that fit the unique nature of our Club. Most important, let’s have fun doing it.

Roy Glickman
President, 2015-2016


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SUNDAY, JULY 26 — 12:30pm to 2:00pmOur FOURTH SUNDAY meeting for July! Special Guest Speaker: Cyndi McAuley, a friend to our Club and Executive Director of project partner Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind in Reseda!  We gather in The Fireplace Room at Denny’s, 5525 Sepulveda Boulevard in Sherman Oaks. (Meeting reminders: Inspiration, Brenda; Pledge, Reed; Four-Way Test, David; Rotary Minute, Yoko.)  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING precedes the main meeting and begins at 11:00 a.m.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 9 — 10:00pm to 4:00pm  — The next ONE MORE ITEM FOOD DRIVE, in support of Valley Food Bank, at Gelson’s in Sherman Oaks.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 — 7:00pm to 10:00pm — SIXTH ANNUAL DANCE FOR THE CHILDREN, in support of The Rotary Foundation’s PolioPlus Fund and continuing the eradication of polio, Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks, 4633 Van Nuys Boulevard, just south of the 101 in Sherman Oaks. SAVE THE DATE!




Roy Glickman, President









Founded July of 2011 (as a “Provisional” Club by Rotary International rules)

Officially Chartered on March 29, 2013


ONLINE – Our weekly meeting time under the Rotary International regulations is Monday at noon; at that time we post an online program on our website, for review any time during the week by our Members. Our weekly Program is found under the PROGRAMS tab on the website, as are all archived programs from weeks past.

The program for the first Monday of each month is selected by a different club member each month. The programs for the 2nd and 3rd Monday are selected by the program chair.

IN PERSON – We also meet on the Fourth Sunday of every month* in The Fireplace Room at Denny’s, 5525 Sepulveda Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, California 91401, at the corner of Sepulveda and Burbank Boulevards, from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm. (Order off the menu; no fixed cost but, as a courtesy to our hosts at Denny’s who give us the room at no cost, we ask that all attendees order at last a beverage.)

The program from the Fourth Sunday meeting is posted online on the following day.

(* The Club usually replaces the December Fourth Sunday with a holiday party on a convenient date. Also, if the Fourth Sunday of May falls on Memorial Day Weekend, that monthly meeting is pushed one week later.)

We publish an online newsletter in August, October, December, February, April, and June. Our dues are $75 per quarter.


We are business and community leaders who come together to pool our skills and resources in an effort to improve our community, help those in need, solve big problems, and have fun doing what we do.

We are one of over 32,000 Rotary International clubs worldwide. In this context, we further the OBJECT OF ROTARY.

Our guiding principles are those of Rotary International: The Four Way Test, the Five Avenues of Service and the Rotary Code of Conduct.

The Four Way Test: In all the things we think, say and do, we ask–

Is it the truth?

Is it fair to all concerned?

Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

The Five Avenues of Service describe the primary areas of Rotary activity:

Club service – the necessary activities we perform to make our club function successfully.

Vocational service – the opportunity each of us has to represent the dignity and value of our vocation to other members of the club as well as the opportunity to use our vocations in our service projects and good works.

Community service – the activities we undertake to improve the quality of life in our community.

International service – the programs and activities we undertake to advance international understanding, goodwill and peace, often in the form of humanitarian projects

Youth service – programs and activities designed to help young people in our community learn leadership schools and become productive members of their community.

2015-2016 Club Leadership:

(The Rotary Year begins on July 1 and runs through June 30)

President: Roy Glickman

Secretary: Nancy Schmidt, PDG (Past District Governor)

Treasurer: Yoko Matsui

Immediate Past President: Linda Catran

Director: David Arnold

Director: Brenda Bradford

Director: Reed Galloway

Director: Mel Powell

The Board of Directors consists of those eight members. The Board meets in The Fireplace Room at Denny’s at 11:00 a.m. on the Fourth Sunday of each month (May and December adjusted as necessary). All Members are always welcome to attend Board Meetings, although only Directors may vote.

Chairs of the Five Standing Committees:

Administration Committees: Nancy Schmidt

Club Rotary Foundation Committee: Reed Galloway

Membership Committee: Mel Powell

Public Relations Committee: Vacant

Service Projects Committee: Brenda Bradford

Past Presidents:

Mel Powell 2011-2013

Sara Vasquez 2013-2014

Linda Catran 2014-2015


More details can be found under the PROJECTS tab on our website, and on the sub-pages for each project, many of which are being updated constantly.


Each year, in September, we host a fun-filled dance to raise money for Rotary International’s continuing efforts, Club by Club around the world, to eradicate polio. We ask our friends, family, neighbors, and even enemies for a “sponsorship” of as little as ten dollars—which is enough to vaccinate sixteen children—with all proceeds donated directly to The Rotary Foundation. Business and community sponsors cover the cost of the event, which takes place at the Arthur Murray dance studio in Sherman Oaks, California, with the generosity of its owner.

The 2014 event, the Fifth Annual Dance For The Children, brought the combined donations over the event’s history to approximately 62,000 vaccinations, children who will never get polio. The Sixth Annual Dance is set for September 19, 2015.


We conduct a public food drive once every three months, setting up in front of both entrances to Gelson’s Market in Sherman Oaks with the kind permission of store management, asking shoppers on the way in to add just one extra item to their shopping and leave it with us on the way out.

Through eleven Food Drives over three years, we have gathered more than 12,000 pounds of non-perishable food for Valley Food Bank. The next Food Drive is scheduled for Sunday, August 9, 2015, as always 10am to 4pm. Members (and often family members) help for two-hour shifts and have a blast.


Using our unique format as a Rotary Club with very strong online outreach, we have conducted campaigns to raise awareness—E-wareness from the E-Club—of issues from bone marrow donation to suicide prevention to foster care. Visit the E-wareness main page on the website, you’ll find the link on the right side of the page in the Links menu, and see what we’ve done. The Campaigns will continue, months and topics to be announced.


In support of the survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, devastating the Tohoku region of Japan on 11 March 2011, our Club gathers letters of friendship written by children at schools in the Los Angeles area, students as young as kindergarten learning the Japanese language.  These letters are delivered each year in March, and do not refer to the disaster but instead are self-introductions, serving as a reminder that people outside of Japan care very deeply about the children of Japan.


Inspired by UNESCO’s “International Mother Language Day” (February 23, to celebrate the diversity of worldwide languages) but not limited to that date, our Club Members go to schools and teach children ages 11-14 how to say Hello, Please, Peace, Thank You, and Love in many different languages.  We gathered the translations from friends, many of whom are Rotarians, all over the world.


Interact is the Rotary Club-sponsored service Club for high schoolers; the current age range allowed is 12-17, although high school seniors who reach 18 before graduation of course can stay in their own Club. Our Club is the official sponsor for the Interact Club at DPMHS with David Arnold serving as “Interact Advisor,” our liaison to that Club. Interact Clubs do their own thing, but we’re there to support. We are investigating at least one other possible Interact Club startup, perhaps two.


The Club will commence a new project, supporting two women and their families through a partnership with The Greater Contribution, a non-profit micro lender created by a former Rotarian. Details coming soon, but we suggest that you go to the Programs tab and then search for Karon Wright and check out her presentation to our Club at a recent Fourth Sunday.


In 2013-14 we built and stocked a library in the new Children’s Center at Therapeutic Living Center for the Blind in Reseda, California. This facility provides unique care for clients who are both blind and developmentally disabled. We are investigating new ways to help this excellent organization. Their Executive Director, Cyndi McAuley, will be our special guest speaker for the July Fourth Sunday meeting.


What’s your idea to help people? We can’t do everything, but we can consider anything and we want to hear your ideas. Our focus remains action, participation, and partnership, and as a matte of philosophy we avoid simply writing checks to other organizations.


Our Members do our best to clear our calendars for our hands-on service projects and also for our monthly Fourth Sunday Meetings. These meetings are conducted just like “traditional” Rotary Club meetings—but a lot more fun–with a Rotary bell, Club business and reports, and a great guest speaker. But because our unique format gets us all in the same room only once each month, these meetings are very valuable to all of us and to our team.

Club Members rotate through the schedule so that each Meeting includes:

–A Rotary Minute (keep it to two minutes, please!) where one member finds a story from among the vast worldwide network of Rotary Clubs, or a fact about Rotary history, or something that interests that Member, and teaches us about it. Nothing beats a good Google Search.

–Words of inspiration (Rotary being non-religious), meaningful or funny quotes or writings to share with the team.

–Beginning in the new Rotary Year, a Mini-Craft Talk, where a member will take five minutes to tell us about themselves, their families, their work, their interests, their pets; it’s your five minutes so we can get to know you.


Some Rotary E-Clubs around the world meet online in real time. We choose not to do that; we post the new Program at noon Pacific time on Monday and our Members have all week to check it out.

Rotary is a weekly commitment. Our E-Club’s format makes that commitment more convenient, perhaps easier to fit into our lives, but no less important. Being part of the weekly process remains an integral part of building our team.

The Rotary International rule “requires” Rotarians to engage for at least thirty minutes in the online program each week. No one is counting. But please do enjoy the program; post a comment if you have one to make; or vote in the “poll” at the bottom of the page to indicate that you’ve been there.

Beginning this year, with August, the first Monday of each Month will see a program provided by one of our Members (instead of the Programs Chair, who will implement the program online but not create the content). We look forward to your turn, and what interesting and informative week you will give us.

Thank you for being a Member of the Rotary E-Club of The Greater San Fernando Valley (and to visitors to this week’s Program, for taking the time to learn about us perhaps for the first time). We look forward to more fun and service, together.


The opinions expressed by guest speakers, or in advertisements that appear on external websites linked to this program, are those of the speaker(s) / websites / advertisers and not necessarily of the Rotary E-Club of The Greater San Fernando Valley or its members. No endorsement is implied. Programs are presented for informational purposes only.


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  1. I’m looking forward to a fantastic Rotary year!! I’m hoping we can formally adopt the Malawi Pill Bottle project as an “official” club project. Such a great cause and an easy project to implement. And let’s not forget our ongoing toiletry drive to support Hope of the Valley’s mobile shower program.

  2. So glad to be part of this dynamic club. Looking forward to a productive year.

  3. Looking forward to a great Rotary E-club year with your leadership.

  4. Cheers…to a GREAT year!!

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