6 January 2014 — Kero O’Shea, Speaker via Skype, “Rotary On Earth: Australia”








This week’s program, the first of Calendar Year 2014, is also the first in a continuing series exploring Rotary On Earth, conversations with Rotarians in faraway places.  We begin in Western Australia, centered on Perth, with Rotarian Kero O’Shea, who will introduce himself in just a moment.










“I’m Kero.

“I’m the Communications, Social Media and Online Development Director for Rotary District 9465. My mission is:

 to help develop media literacy in District 9465

 help build a District Facebook network and improve the utilisation of all our communications networks

 develop cross-media and transmedia in D9465

“Since joining Rotary in 2009, I’ve been a proud member of the Rotary Club of Canning Bridge.

“In 2011, I joined the Board of Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship, a Rotary Fellowship with a focus on helping Rotary & Rotaract volunteers utilise social media and networks. My reason for joining the ROSNF Board was to assist in the global deployment of online media best practice in Rotary. I am the Chair of ROSNF for 2013-14.

“My earlier service club experience included being a member of Apex for many years, where I filled a number of interesting roles, including:

 District Governor

 Zone PR Chair

 major events coordinator

“A highlight of my time as District Governor in Apex was the approval of charter for 2 new clubs at either end of the district.

“I’ve had numerous roles in other community organisations.

“My background is in human resource management, organisational development and cultural change. In more recent times, I’ve become a producer of web content, online films and web presences, with a focus on helping artists promote their work online and Rotarians tell their Rotary story through better use of media channels.

“My interests are Rotary, football, promoting Web usability, an ongoing commitment to learning and fighting the looming obesity pandemic.”

And now…our conversation with Kero O’Shea as we explore Rotary On Earth: Australia.


If the embedded video does not work, please click here to view it on YouTube.

 Finally, here is the story of The Rotary Club of Canning Bridge as it is today: Rescuing Rotary in York.

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4 responses to 6 January 2014 — Kero O’Shea, Speaker via Skype, “Rotary On Earth: Australia”

  1. Fabulous conversation! Kero O’Shea’s concept of referring to Rotarians as Rotary “volunteers” seems a great way not only to connect with the many people searching for volunteer opportunities, it also serves as a reminder of the common purpose we all share.

  2. Interesting chat with Kero O’Shea. Wonders of Rotary and the internet – here I am in Melbourne, Australia watching a program of the San Fernando Valley eclub.which is an interview with a Rotarian in Perth, Australia. As they say here: Good on ya, Mel. Well done.

  3. Kero O’Shea is a like-minded individual (imagine starting a new e-club – sounds familiar) who seems to understand how much good (including Rotary communication and collaboration) can be done through social media tools. Mel – I think he’s your Australian doppelganger!

  4. There were so many wonderful things in this program, a lot that seems parallel to our club. What I agree with most is you can be in a club with 13 engaged members and accomplish alot and have fun. Or you can be in a 100 member club were their are 13 members that are engaged and having fun, it’s really up to you! Lol
    Thanks again Mel for another GREAT program!!

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