6 February 2012 — Sigal Adini, Speaker: “Youth Drug Abuse Prevention”


The E-Club enjoyed a fantastic First Sunday Of The Month in-person gathering on 5 February. Great energy, great ideas, and the official launch of a new project, “Letters to Tohoku.” Led by Jennifer Usyak, this project will see our Rotary Club connect caring local people with survivors of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami which devastated the Tohoku region of Japan; we will work with local cultural centers and local schools; we will assist the Japanese people by providing emotional support one letter and one new friendship at a time.

The best part of this project, by far, is that it has been created and will be chaired by a brand-new Rotarian with a passionate connection to fill a specific need. What’s your focus? What’s your passion? Let’s go do it.


Helping kids and teens rehabilitate from drug use is important, but not nearly as important as empowering them with knowledge to prevent them–by having them choose to prevent themselves–from ever starting in the first place.

That education is the mission of Narconon here in Southern California. Program Director Sigal Adini spoke with the Rotary Club of Sherman Oaks Sunset a year ago, and the stories of the kids whose lives have changed are compelling and worth sharing with our new team.

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Here are links to some further information about today’s program:

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Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program Info.


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4 responses to 6 February 2012 — Sigal Adini, Speaker: “Youth Drug Abuse Prevention”

  1. She puts the light on the serious drug issue. The topic can be very uncomfortable at times, but I like the fact that she and her organization educate kids on all kinds of drugs, including legal ones, that surround our lives. Always ask questions. I like that.

  2. The speaker is very realistic about how maturity levels and neighborhoods affect a child’s readiness to hear drug-related information. I have heard many life style presentations in schools in which I have worked. Teenagers are most receptive when they are aware of the speaker’s background and history speaking to their peers. They also do best when teachers prepare them prior to the speaker and provide follow-up activities such as the questionnaire that Sigal mentioned.Of course some already have personal drug experiences with family and friends. The benefit of Narconon and other outreach organizations is that they show children that adults care about them and their future.

  3. The news this weekend about W. Houston reminds me how important programs such as Narconon are. What a difficult problem drug addiction is and glad there are groups focusing on educating youth to try to put strong safeguards in place before any drug use gets out of control.

  4. In light of Whitney Houston’s passing, and in light of the comments from Patty and Jennifer, it seems another key may be to ensure that children and teens have positive role models in this and other aspects of life.

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