6 August 2012 — Olympics


We’re just six weeks away from the Third Annual DANCE FOR THE CHILDREN, when our Club and nearby Rotarians and friends dance for the children who cannot dance due to polio. We ask our friends, family, neighbors, and even enemies to sponsor us for just ten dollars to dance at this “Dance Marathon” (OK, so it’s really a vey nice three-hour evening event). Most donate more. Even one dollar helps. All of the donations go directly to the PolioPlus program of The Rotary Foundation.

Watch this space for more details soon. If you’re anywhere in the Southern California area…come dancing. Saturday, September 15, 2012…7pm to 10pm…at Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks. More info soon!

And in Club news, the Drive for Twenty-Five, when we Barter for a Charter…is underway!








In case you’re not already tired of the Olympic Games–or perhaps you are loving every tape-delayed minute of them–here are some quick facts about Rotary and the Olympic Games.





Duke Kahanamoku, who won five Olympic medals in swimming (1912 Stockholm and then 1920 Antwerp) and was known as the father of surfing, was a member of the Rotary Club of Honolulu.

John Walter Beardsley Tewksbury won five medals in track and field…at the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris…went on to be a dentist and a Charter Member of Tunkhannock Rotary in Pennsylvania.

Here is a quick roundup of the Rotary-Olympics connection from Rotary International’s website.

Finally, please take a look at the 3 August 2012 weekly update from Rotary International–you can get it by e-mail, this links to the web edition–for more about the Olympics…and a lot of other good information unrelated to the Olympics that’s worth checking out.



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  1. I have been experiencing selective insomnia. Did anyone else see the women’s triathlonlive ?

  2. Duke Kahanamoku resided in Hunnington Beach, Califonia.

  3. Great topic and very timely!! Didn’t see the triathlon but have been fully enjoying the Olympics. The clean-up efforts by the local London Rotarians in the article makes me feel like I’m taking a part in this incredible international event. Thanks, Rotarians!

  4. Not surprising that RI would be involved in the Olympics. Lots of inspiration to see such dedicated young people who may be Rotarians some time in the future.

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