6 April 2015 — Fun With Magazine Month


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This month’s Rotary E-Club E-wareness campaign presents information about organ and tissue donation.  Throughout the month our Club will provide resources gathered by our Club Members.  The information will be helpful to you and to the people you care about. See the E-wareness link at right of this page.









In January, 1911–front cover pictured above–The National Rotarian debuted.  Now it is Rotarian Magazine, and there are many other monthly magazines under the Rotary Umbrella in many different languages.

Last year, for Rotary International’s “Magazine Month” in April, we showed you a review of the magazines around the world (and some of the folks who read it).  This year, we’ll have a little interactive fun.  A few years ago “Google Books” added Rotarian Magazine to its library of available and searchable publications.  You can see every issue back to the beginning and up to June of 2011, and use a word search to find something of interest.

We challenge you to do that.  Start here: http://books.google.com/books/about/The_Rotarian.html?id=vzQEAAAAMBAJ

Enter a word of interest (and click “search all issues” so it does’t search only the issue that happens to be showing). See what happens! Poke around. Copy and paste the link atop your browser window and share in the comments the word you searched and the most interesting references. You can look for a place, for a person, for a topic or hobby. Let’s see what’s out there.

To kick it off, the Programs Chair plays privilege and opens with two topic searches. First, the word “hockey.”

The earliest reference seems to be in August of 1912…because even back then the central, umbrella entity of Rotary pushed its conventions hard. The Convention was to be in Duluth, Minnesota, and hockey was mentioned as a frequent pastime.

Without spending an overwhelming amount of time, it appears that the first reference to hockey as a service project connection comes in March of 1932, where a roundup of projects around the world notes that Banff, Alberta, Canada Rotarians have sponsored youth hockey of eight-, nine-, and ten-year-olds.  It is unknown if any of those boys went on to play in the National Hockey League.

The first reference to the Stanley Cup comes in the middle of a long and fascinating article–but only if you love hockey–by then Toronto Maple Leafs Coach Dick Irvin in February 1933.  No idea why the magazine chose to include that article, there’s no reference to Mr. Irvin being a Rotarian, but there it is.

There is one reference all-time to the Los Angeles Kings.  See it for yourself by clicking here.  You may recognize the service project.

Next search: Astronaut.  The first reference to a specific astronaut–the “Search by Date” sort doesn’t work as well as it might–appears to come in the January 1963 edition, reporting on Tom Stafford’s talk at his hometown Rotary Club in Weatherford, Oklahoma.  Then Captain Stafford was in the second group of astronauts selected to NASA’s space program.  He flew on Gemini 6 (first rendezvous in space) and Gemini 9, Apollo 10 (orbited the Moon, separated the Lunar Module and with Gene Cernan descended to just nine miles about the surface the final test before Apollo 11 landed two months later) and the Apollo/Soyuz Test Project mission–the Apollo capsule from that mission (see below) is right here in town at the California Science Center over near that football college…  But at the time of his talk in 1963 there had been only nine Human space flights, four Soviets and five Americans.  And there are many other references to Astronaut or specific astronauts, far too many to share…yet only five apparent instances of the word Cosmonaut.  Even “Star Trek” appears more times!







OK, don’t get lost in this…but go, have fun, and see which of your interests–person, place, or thing–might have been in The Rotarian Magazine over nearly 100 years.


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  1. One thing I noticed in almost all of the searches I did was the request for pen pals. I then saw that the pen pals requests were in a feature called “What’s Your Hobby” that seems to have fallen by the wayside in late 1981. I guess nowadays with the popularity of social media we no longer need pen pals to be connected to Rotarians in other parts of the world. I wonder if there is some way we can incorporate the old “What’s Your Hobby” feature into our monthly newsletter so we can get to know our international readership better.

  2. I looked up “bone marrow donation” and found that there was an article back in 1986 about the establishment of the bone marrow donor registry. I believe that was the origin of the Be the Match organization which our club assists today. The Rotarian reported on the establishment of the registry way back when it was just starting out under a feature on trends. Well done!

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