Rotary Club of the Week for 5 September 2011

It is our privilege to introduce you to The Rotary Club of Esk Valley, Scotland and our friend Elaine Henderson!

What is the name of your Rotary Club?

The Rotary Club of Esk Valley.

What is the town or city, or the part of a city, the state or province, and the country?

Just south of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, District 1020.

When were you chartered?

30 November 2001.

Who is the current President? (If it’s not you, what is your role in the Club, now or in the past?)

Audrey Lenaghan is our President.

I am part of the District 1020 PR & Communications team as well as Esk Valley Rotary’s Webmaster, PR & Communication Chair, Community & Vocational Chair and Junior Vice President!

How many members are in your Club?

We have 36 members in our club, half men and half women.

What is your Club’s website address, and does your Club have a Facebook Page?

Our Club’s website is

On Facebook: Esk Valley Rotary.

When and where do you meet?

We meet on a Tuesday night at the Justinlees Inn, Eskbank at 7.30pm. We meet for a drink and do not have a meal.

What is your favorite Club project? Or your favorite two, we know it’s hard sometimes to pick just one.

Editor’s note: check out their website, they do a ton of great things and obviously have fun doing them.

What else do you want our E-Club Members, Rotarian visitors, and guests to know about your Club?

We are a very informal club no ties or grey suits allowed! Our next 3 Presidents will all be women. Our youngest member Claire Mackie is only 24!

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