5 May 2014 — Ideas Around The Rotary World








This week’s program offers a sampling of recent projects and programs around the world of Rotary as discovered in local media.  As always, they may give us ideas to implement here at home.  Take a look, and let us know what grabs you.


A project in India focused on literacy and education:



A project focused on health in an interesting, low-key way (one quick paragraph here):



A Rotary Club giving scholarships to scholar–athletes, which raises a question.  Student athletes are often high-profile…often, so are the academic stars…when our Club has money to give for scholarships someday, what under-the-radar students could be honored and assisted?



Rotary Club of Upland giving books to young readers; could we collected donated books from publishers, donated children’s books from the parents of kids who have outgrown them; and donate to underserved local K-2nd kids to have a book (or more) of their own?



A health-based project focused on diabetes information.



A project honoring great teachers.



An event focused on ethics.



A project that also appears to be a fundraiser and helps with shredding.



Many Clubs honor police and firefighters, but that doesn’t mean we can’t—with or without a big event.



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  1. There are some really great ideas here for projects and/or fundraisers.

  2. I agree with Linda, there is a lot of great ideas here.

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