4 November 2013 — Beginning Rotary Foundation Month










On Sunday, 3 November, we enjoyed our fifth “One More Item” FOOD DRIVE for Valley Food Bank, at Gelson’s Market in Sherman Oaks California (whose generosity in allowing us to set up shop is always greatly appreciated). We are grateful to the shoppers who purchased extra items and dropped them off with us on their way out, and once again were humbled by how many of those kind shoppers thanked us as we were thanking them.  We gathered 1,109 pounds of food for Vally Food Bank, the fifth consecutive time (out of five) that we have cleared the 1,000-pound mark.









November is Rotary Foundation Month.  While it’s always a great time to consider all the good things the Rotary Foundation does through the efforts of Rotary Clubs around the world, attaching the label to one month offers a good excuse to focus on education about the Foundation, how it works, why we support it, and what we accomplish through its support.

We open with a teaser this week, a quick from Rotary International highlighting, in brief, the Six Areas of Focus for most Foundation grants and activities.

Doing Good: Intro from Rotary International on Vimeo.

And we close with–we won’t lie to you–a dense document.  Please take a look at this official ROTARY FOUNDATION REFERENCE GUIDE.  It is…well…dense.  But if you can survive the journey of reading or skimming through page 16, you’ll get a very good look at the most important activities of The Rotary Foundation as they can be applied to what our Rotary Club can accomplish, now or in the future.  And what our Rotary Club can accomplish remains the only real and important focus of our Rotary Club; all the rest is extra.

Feel free to look at the rest, but those first 16 pages will give you a broad and thought-provoking look at The Rotary Foundation and why it matters to the Rotary E-Club of The Greater San Fernando Valley, in furtherance of our desire and ability to serve.


3 responses to 4 November 2013 — Beginning Rotary Foundation Month

  1. I knew about the various Foundation Grants and PolioPlus but I didn’t know about the Rotary Peace Fellowships. What a wonderful program.

  2. That is a great short video. The reference guide is also a great source of information on how foundation grants work. It provides material we can use in our discussion of the foundation at the upcoming November meeting.

  3. No question, each year at this time I learn something new about the Rotary Foundation.

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