4 June 2012 — Rotary Districts, Now and Moving Forward


The “official” brochure is ready. Download here:  BROCHURE1eclubv2 (or it may open for you, and then you “save” it), print it front and back, fold in thirds, and show your contacts what we can do even better with them on the team.

Who do you know around town who would be a great Rotarian and fantastic addition to our team?

And are you ready to take it up a notch and help our E-Club launch?

We had our monthly in-person gathering on 3 June, and it was another phenomenal and fun session. Fun-omenal? A new word, maybe? Here are the key results of the conversations:

1) Our first major public Food Drive is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, July 1. We will need everyone…and bring friends and kids…to take a shift of at least two hours during the day. More details as we have them, including location. Yoko is the Project Chair.

2) It was fantastic to see Judy and Roy Glickman back in action, after Roy’s grueling but successful battle with a bone marrow transplant. And when we say “in action,” we mean it. Roy is heading up our Club’s efforts to raise the local and world-wide awareness of the need for, and ease of, bone marrow donation. The biggest idea to come out of our Sunday gathering was to begin immediate efforts to partner with area Rotary Clubs already hosting blood drives. More specifics to come. Obviously, Roy is Project Chair.

3) The Tohoku tsunami-recovery project continues to move forward and change little by little, with more to come from Jennifer soon. Jennifer and Yoko are meeting with the school where Rowena’s daughter attends, as just the first of many specific local contacts we will develop. Jennifer is Project Chair.

4) We have been discussing better acknowledgement of local Veterans than we currently see in the Valley and surrounding areas. We are now in the process of creating a partnership with the Rotary Club of Granada Hills, and surely others, to create Rotary service worthy of the veterans’ service. The President (if I have the title correct) of the Granada Hills post of the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) is a member of RC Granada Hills, and our primary partner will be former Navy Captain and PDG Drew Frohlich.

5) It is time to reach out to new Rotarians, grow our Club, gather 25 members and beyond, and charter as an official Rotary Club. Let’s do it.


(That’s our DG, Tom Hardy, in a photo from February 2012 at SoCal-Nevada PETS. At left of the photo is the amazing Paola Ruiz, then a high school senior on her way to MIT in part with a Rotary scholarship. Those who attended our E-Club’s 3 June monthly gathering will understand why we chose this particular photo of DG Tom for this week’s program.)



This week’s program is very simple. The Rotary E-Club of the Greater San Fernando Valley is part of an administrative grouping of Rotary Clubs called a District. A Rotary District is a resource for, and source of support of, the Rotary Clubs in the area.

First, please enjoy the final Newsletter of our current District, 5260, from our friend and hard-working District Governor, Tom Hardy. Our E-Club would not be possible without his support and encouragement during this past Rotary Year (1 July to 30 June), and his June message speaks volumes about his character.

If you have trouble reading this on the page itself, at left of the page you will see a link to download it as a PDF instead. DISTRICT 5260 JUNE NEWSLETTER.

Beginning 1 July 2012, we will be part of Rotary District 5280.  What is a District, anyway?  Here’s what the official Rotary International Club Presidents Manual tells us about a District.  We will continue to find ways to work with our District leadership in support of our projects and service, and forging relationships with other Clubs to be bigger, better, and bolder.  As this description works its way into your thinking, consider for your project ideas and for the projects you are already working how we can enhance our reach through District support.

Working with Your District

The primary responsibility of district leaders is to support effective clubs.  The district leadership team consists of the district governor, assistant governors, district committees, the district trainer, district secretary, and past district governors. The district supports your Rotary club by

• Providing guidance on issues such as membership or service projects

• Connecting clubs that have similar issues or projects

• Providing an opportunity for Rotarians to develop their leadership skills and increase their service efforts through membership on district committees

• Conveying detailed Rotary information to club committees and members

• Coordinating RI and Rotary Foundation programs

District Governor

The administration of clubs in a district is under the direct supervision of the district governor, who

• Provides advice, inspiration, and motivation to help clubs become more effective

• Informs clubs and their officers of district activities and opportunities for service

Assistant Governors

Assistant governors are appointed by the district governor to help clubs operate effectively and achieve their goals. Each assistant governor is responsible for working with four to eight clubs. The following responsibilities are recommended for an assistant governor:

• Assisting in implementing and reviewing the Club Leadership Plan

• Helping identify and review club goals using the Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs

• Attending club meetings and assemblies as invited, particularly the club assembly associated with the governor’s official visit

• Visiting each club regularly (preferably monthly with a minimum of one visit each quarter of the Rotary year) and meeting with club leaders to discuss club business, resources, and handling of club funds

• Assisting club leaders in scheduling and planning for the governor’s official visit

• Acting as a liaison between the governor and clubs

• Encouraging clubs to follow through with suggestions from the governor

• Assisting clubs with service projects and monitoring progress

• Identifying and encouraging the development of future district leaders

District Committees

District committees support club activities related to their area of expertise.

The following are the district committees that address ongoing administrative functions:

• District conference

• District programs (for example, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, World Community Service)

• Extension (E-Club members…ignore this, our mission is to form OUR Club first, we can worry about helping start other new Clubs someday in the future!  At any rate, that’s what Rotary means by “Extension.”)

• Finance

• Membership development

• Nominating

• Public relations

• RI Convention promotion

• The Rotary Foundation

• Training

Encourage your club committees to contact their district counterparts whenever they need guidance or information.



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