31 October 2011 — Breast Cancer Awareness

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Rotary loves to name months, but we’re not alone. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This week’s program has two goals. First, raising awareness of breast cancer. Second, with this series of links to Rotary Club projects all over the world, generating some creativity among our E-Club team about how we could raise funds, raise fun, raise awareness of this or another issue of importance: from water to literacy to polio eradication. And the program closes with a video that has nothing to do with Rotary–it was the first of its kind for breast cancer awareness and will leave you with a smile. What can we do to raise awareness and leave everyone else with a smile?






(bad formatting on their site for the link above, but the idea is a luncheon fundraiser)







“The Formal But Tacky Ball” sounds interesting…





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  1. That’s an impressive selection of club activities around the world to support breast cancer awareness. Since we are a new club, maybe we should find a broad based program such as this to support as a way to get started. It would be more manageable for us to help support an existing project than to try to create our own to start off. I hope we can talk about this at our upcoming meeting.

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