31 March 2014 — Progress Against Polio








Recent news from the World Health Organization, the leading player in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, makes a quick update on our polio eradication efforts timely for this week’s program.

What’s the news? The WHO’s “Southeast Region” is now polio-free. For the full story of where we are today, here are some links to useful information, as well as a video interview with Itzhak Perlman, polio survivor and longtime supporter of Rotary’s efforts.

World Health Organization announcement.

World Health Organization’s Polio Main Page.  (General leading to more specific info if you want to poke around.)

Time Magazine article.  (It does not mention Rotary, a continuing failure of RI’s corporate entity that we must continue to address!)

Los Angeles Times article.  (Rotary appears in this one.)

Newsweek Pakistan article.  (Interesting piece on a problem country and the person who will lead the continuing eradication efforts.)

Al Jazeera article.  (Many mentions of Rotary and Rotary Clubs.)

Itzhak Perlman interview.  (From HuffPost, 18 minutes but good stuff.)

BRIEF NEW MESSAGE FORM BILL GATES.  (Unfortunately, RI hasn’t found a way to make this available to its Clubs, but you may be able to see it–certainly Facebook users will–even if you are not logged into FB.  If not…please accept our apologies but send your cards and letters to RI!)


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7 responses to 31 March 2014 — Progress Against Polio

  1. Interesting materials. Thanks for researching this and plugging in the links. Helps address the larger picture.

  2. It’s nice to see the progress being made. It would be nice if Rotary was more prominently recognized. It’s interesting that Rotary is the only real private organization in the eradication effort. The other partners in GPEI are national governments, UN entities and the Center for Disease Control. The Gates Foundation is apparently a supporter, but not a partner.

    • And, somewhat notably, the Gates Foundation chose to make its donations through Rotary. I’m sure there were other reasons, including tax advantages–but Gates is on the record saying that the reason for the success of the efforts is that Rotarians have the boots on the ground, community by community.

  3. Good summary and update on the current position. Now – go Pakistan!

  4. The Newsweek Pakistan interview with Dr. Hamid Jafari was especially enlightening in discussing the challenges of vaccination. I remember learning previously from oversimplified media accounts that one of the chief obstacles to vaccination was that Muslims were suspicious of the efforts. While trust appears to be the issue, its not a Muslim issue, and not an issue with the vaccine. Good to know.

    The other take-away from the same interview is that merely containing, much less eradicating Polio in Pakistan presents some real challenges. It’s our job as Rotarians to keep up the fight!

  5. I really enjoyed Perlman’s HuffPost interview. Rotary has done so much good work, yet there’s much more to be done! Proud that our club is part of the effort. Nice compilation.

  6. Extremely helpful information to continue to work on and understand the importance of Polio Plus.

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