30 January 2012 — Guest Speaker: Lee Broekman, Former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar


Coming up this Sunday, the only event more hype-worthy than the Super Bowl! It’s our E-Club’s monthly in-person gathering, in The Fireplace Room at Denny’s, 5525 Sepulveda Boulevard, corner of Burbank Boulevard, in Sherman Oaks! We’ll start at 12:30 sharp, and even though it will be an action-packed, fun session with project ideas flying and friendships building…we’ll still be done in plenty of time for you to get wherever you are going to watch this year’s Super Bowl commercials. Oh, and the game, too, maybe.


Although the highly-successful Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship program will be changing at the end of the 2012-2013 academic year, replaced by other scholarship opportunities under The Rotary Foundation’s Future Vision plans, for many years the program has brought great people into the Rotary world.

Lee Broekman served as both student and cultural ambassador from the United States to the Netherlands, and she has a great story to tell.

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Language of the Week: Dutch

5 responses to 30 January 2012 — Guest Speaker: Lee Broekman, Former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar

  1. It was very interesting to learn about the reactions of the Dutch people to the 9.11.

    Having been an exchange student myself and studied in a foreign country (in high school for me), I can assure that an exchange program is a wonderful opportunity for young students and I encourage everyone.to get involved.

  2. It would be awesome if she had the presentation she organized on the US with the takes of the other ambassadors after the 9-11 attack.
    Westwood Village has an amazing club. Highly recommend that if you want to do outreach and a makeup, it’s a great place to go. When they indoctrinate a new member they go through this total immersion program with the sponsor and member interviews including a checkoff checklist to make sure they feel a fast track member. .

  3. What a huge experience she had !! Sounds like she was a great representative for Rotary International and the USA.

  4. Just catching up on this great program. Lee articulated a lot of what Rotary is about – learning, meeting people, and outreach. I am glad to know that Rotary International sponsors this kind of cultural exchange.

  5. What a poised young woman. In addition to her opportunity to share US Rotary abroad, I found it interesting that her residence was so near to that of Ann Frank. It’s great to hear from our “Goodwill Ambassadors.”

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