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Probably 95% of the world’s Rotary Clubs do not meet during the final week of December. We do. We serve 24/7, 365 plus one in leap years.

We served in 2013, too. And since just about everyone on the planet comes up with a Top Ten, or Top Five, or Top Something list of the previous year, just this once we decided to be conformist.

(Note: see below for the promised answers to last week’s quiz questions.)

Please remember, if you don’t happen to have a comment to add, “vote” in the poll at the bottom of the page each week to indicate your attendance.

Read on, for the Best of 2013. And share your own moments in the comments.


Rotary Club of David City (Nebraska, US)

Rotary Club of Bradford (West Yorks, England)

Rotary Club of Lindavista (Federal District, Mexico)

Rotary Club of Reed City (Michigan, US; there is no RC Galloway in the UK!)

Rotary Club of Quito Bicentenario (Ecuador; meets in a Hilton Hotel at the corner of Avenidas Amazonas and Patricia…no other Patty or Patricia or Givant!)

Rotary Club of Baile Felix (Romania; no Roy, no Judy, no Glickman, but this got closer)

Rotary Club of Ramat Hasharon (Israel, and not far from where Sara was born; other options included RC Calera de Tango, in Chile; RC Samba Central, in India; and the one Sharon will like the least, RC Sevilla Macarena, in Spain.)

Rotary Club of Tsukui (Sagamihara, Japan; because any of the Clubs with Yokohama in the Club name would be too easy, although this is close to Yokohama, but this one meets inside a branch or office of Yokohama Bank, and we’re talking about the Club’s Treasurer here.)

Rotary Club of Powell (Wyoming, US; because Melbourne is too easy)

Rotary Club of Nancy (France)

Rotary Club of Barcelona Europa (Spain; the Club meets in the Hotel Hesperia Presidente and there’s no RC Sara, or Vasquez, or even Kaltgrad so the Programs Chair finally surrendered)

And there’s just no way around it: Natalia is one of a kind, we tried everything! She’ll have to start a new Club in her own name someday.


(random order, Programs Chair’s choices)

Jorge Vazquez, live, how the oceans affect the climate

Karin Janzon, like via Skype from Sweden

Ruth Frank, on the origins of Rotary’s polio eradication efforts

Paul Krekorian, on the Valley Council of Governments and the bigger picture

Nancy and PDG Tom Hard,y from inside the House of Friendship at the Lisbon Convention


Dance for the Children (thousands of children vaccinated)

One More Item Food Drives (thousands of pounds of food gathered)

International Mother Language Day teaching kids

Visiting Therapeutic Livings Centers for the Blind (kicking off the library project)

Magical Day with Group Study Exchange Visitors from Japan


13-way tie.


Quiz results from last week:

1) What country hosts the northernmost Rotary Club on Earth? Extra bragging rights if you can name the location.

Norway: The Rotary Club of Svalbard.  We had two other good guesses, but only Reed Galloway nailed it.

2) Which city hosted the el primero Club Rotario in a non-English speaking country? (C’mon, you just got a hint, at least.)

Havana, Cuba, Club established in 1916.  Linda, Reed, and Roy all got it correcto.

3) We’ll throw a multiple-choice question at you. The first Rotary Club service project in the world was about:

a) Hunger
b) Toilets
c) Polio
d) Education

Linda and Reed correctly remembered that it was B, toilets.

4) In 1968 a Rotarian took a Rotary Club trading banner to the Moon…at least around it, in orbit…what’s his name?

Linda and Reed correctly identified Frank Borman, aboard Apollo 8.

5) Other than being Rotary Clubs just like ours, dedicated to service and fellowship, what interesting aspect do the Rotary Clubs of Quito (Ecuador), Libreville (Gabon), Singapore, and Kapmala (Uganda) have in common?

Reed got it right: they all meet almost exactly on the equator.  Linda agreed with Reed.  Roy answered that they are all outside of the United States, which is technically correct and the argument he raised proves only that he was a very effective lawyer in his career.

6) Rotary was created in 1905, held its first Convention in 1910, but did not hold a Convention in the Southern Hemisphere until 1948. What city hosted the 1948 Convention?

Reed, Linda, and Roy all correctly took the Road to Rio (de Janeiro).

7) Simple question: in the Rotary Universe, what does the acronym PHF stand for? Extra bragging rights if you tell us what it means.

Reed, Linda, and Roy all correctly wrote it all out as Paul Harris Fellow ($1,000 lifetime to The Rotary Foundation).

8) Without looking this one up…what’s the second element of The Four Way Test?

Everyone was correct…which is “fair to all concerned.”

9) Another acronym: what does NID stand for? Here’s a small hint…you are now “this close” to the end of this quiz.

Reed and Linda identified NID correctly as a National Immunization Day.

10) What is the Rotary significance of the date February 23?

Reed, Linda, and Roy all know this is Rotary Day, the date Rotary was founded when Paul Harris and three friends met for the first time, in Chicago.  If you correctly guessed that only Reed, Roy, and Linda participated, you would be correct, and everyone else is hereby chided for being chicken!


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  1. Happy New Year my e-club family! Looking forward to 2014!!

  2. Happy New Year to everyone.

  3. What a fun program, Mel! Happy New Year to everyone. Looking foward to creating a bigger, better, and stronger club together in the latter half of the 2013-2014 Rotary year!

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