3 October 2011 — District Governor Tom Hardy “Visits!”

After you view/hear/read the program and this week’s features, please join the Discussion Group and post your comments by clicking on “Add a reply.” (This is also how our E-Club verifies attendance for Club Members and visiting Rotarians making up a meeting with us.)  PLEASE DO NOT POST BELOW…YET…WE MAY SWITCH TO THIS METHOD WITH THE NEW BUDDYPRESS FORMAT, BUT NOT YET!

Each year, the District Governor makes an “official visit” to every Rotary Club in his or her District. Although our E-Club is still provisional at this date and DG Tom Hardy is not required to visit us, he is still willing–he’s just that kind of guy. With thanks as well to President Don Reinken for his permission, here is Tom’s presentation given on 28 September 2011 to the Rotary Club of Van Nuys…recorded for us as well.

See also DG Tom’s official message to the Rotarians in our District 5260 for October 2011.

For the video, PLEASE TURN YOUR VOLUME UP! The new video camera is fantastic but we learned that the awesome external microphone still has to be closer to the speaker.

Our speaker has graciously agreed to answer questions from our Members and Rotarian visitors, so please post them in the Discussion Forum and we will e-mail them to him for his reply, posting the Q&A in the very near future.


Language of the Week: German

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