3 December 2012 — Noora Elkoussy, Speaker: Humanitarian Aid in the Libya Crisis


We live in a world where often people must race across a border from one country to another, fleeing from conflict, escaping war.

Early in 2011, an armed rebellion against Libya’s government created such a crisis. To many of us, far away from a conflagration, the concept of “refugees” is terrible but almost nebulous. To a humanitarian aid worker, each person is, well, a person. How do these people receive the help they need as they leave their homes to find safer ground?

This week we learn from a humanitarian aid worker who spent well over a year working in both Egypt and Tunisia, the countries to the East and West of Libya, to be part of the solutions.

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Noora Elkoussy is a humanitarian aid worker in the field of international disaster relief, and has just concluded a nearly two-year assignment with International Medical Corps’ Emergency Response Team for Libya. Her posting in Egypt and Tunisia was initially as Liaison between International Medical Corps and the humanitarian community responding to the Libya Crisis, which included various non-governmental agencies (NGOs) and United Nations agencies, and then eventually as the Acting Head of Office for the medical operations in the Tunisia refugee camp.

When Noora is not overseas, she consults via her own firm, Culture Consulting. Noora’s affiliation with Rotary goes back to 2010 when she was one of four young professionals to be selected for Rotary’s Group Study Exchange program to Nepal.

In addition to her work, Noora has served on the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles-based Levantine Cultural Center (LCC) from 2005-2011, served on the Advisory Board for the British Council’s Global Xchange program, and is a graduate of Occidental College’s Diplomacy and World Affairs program. Noora’s specialty is Peace and Conflict Resolution, and in 2001-2002 Noora lived in post-war Kosovo.


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2 responses to 3 December 2012 — Noora Elkoussy, Speaker: Humanitarian Aid in the Libya Crisis

  1. Fascinating interview! Noora is so knowledgeable and articulate about a very complex situation in Lybia, Egypt and Tunisia. She is a true humanitarian and does fabulous work toward peace and resolving conflict in a very tumultuous region. I enjoyed the picture of the camels. Thank you for putting this together, Mel.

  2. Ditto to Sara. Noora really has a fascinating story, and she’s still so young!

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