29 July 2013 — Building a Strong Team







Every month should be Membership Month in Rotary, because every championship team is always striving to become better and stronger (even when we’re already perfect!). Nevertheless, Rotary International designates August as “Membership Month,” giving us the opportunity to bring specific focus to the two vital aspects of team-building in Rotary Clubs: growth and retention.  And with August nearly upon us as we post our new Program Monday at noon…let’s start thinking about building an even stronger team.

Retention means having the Rotary Club experience be valuable to the Rotary Club Member. It is up to Club leadership to provide opportunities for service (which is why we got ourselves in to this!), to provide Rotary education to broaden the horizons of new and even veteran Rotarians, to provide weekly content and programs that are worthwhile (and our E-Club’s weekly commitment is the same as with any Rotary Club).

But some of the responsibility also lies with each of us as Rotarians.  In the same way we don’t sit back and wait for the world’s crises to come to us–we go out and provide service to fix as many of those problems as we can–so must each of us take the initiative to reach out and make the most of our own Rotary experience.  For starters, E-Club Members and friends, just look here and see if any of these vocations or interests or hobbies speaks to you: ROTARY INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIPS and PROPOSED NEW RI FELLOWSHIPS (look for your Immediate Past President in there somewhere).

Growth means being on the lookout at all times for great new people to add to our successful team–people with skills and talents to bring to the table to help solve the world’s problems–people with big hearts–people from all diverse walks of life–people who would be a good fit for our fun Rotary Club.  To that end, the rest of this program provides resources for YOU to send via e-mail to great people you woud like to invite to check out our Club…always, please, including the link to our own homepage, www.rotaryeclubgreatersfv.org, and ALWAYS ask them to look at the menu of “Links” on the right side and to click on BROCHURE.

JOINING ROTARY.  Check out this website, so you know what you’re sending to someone else; invite friends and colleagues to give it a look; in particular suggest that they watch the video partway down on the right side.  THE LINK TO COPY AND PASTE: http://www.rotary.org/EN/ABOUTUS/JOININGROTARY/Pages/ridefault.aspx

ROTARY BASICS.  A wealth of resources.  THE LINK TO COPY AND PASTE: http://www.rotary.org/en/Members/NewMembers/RotaryBasics/Pages/ridefault.aspx.

HERE ARE SOME BRIEF, PERSONAL STORIES (90 seconds) provided by Rotary International.  If this resonates with you, or you think will resonate with a prospect, send the link!


(which will take them to the Rotary International YouTube Channel, and they will see lots of attention-grabbing stuff.


THE LINK TO COPY AND PASTE: http://youtu.be/5Q8A624ulOA

MOST IMPORTANT NOTE OF THE WEEK: you’re here because you love what we can do as a Rotary Club.  Don’t be mean and rude and hog the good feelings all to yourself!  Share with other great people you know–help us build a stronger team that can accomplish even more–the world might thank us for our service someday, but the new Rotarian YOU sponsor will always be grateful to you for opening the door to the world of opportunity to do good in the world together.


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  1. Not only is this a wonderful opening program for our 2013-14 Rotary year, but also a great link to a wealth of Rotary basics for friends, family, and prospective members. We should be proud to share all the good work we do locally and globally. Think about who you could invite to our Food Drive on August 4th. See you there.

  2. I challenge our club members to locate our past president on the Rotary International Fellowship link, and go to one of the Rotary Fellowship websites that grabs you. First person to post the correct answers to the following 2 questions will receive a prize at our August meeting:

    1) Where is our Past President located in the picture?
    2) What is the website address of your favorite Rotary Fellowship?

    See if you can meet the challenge!

  3. Inspiring videos. A great reminder of what Rotarians can do. Where is Waldo (Mel)? Not sure but I see he wants to start a hockey fellowship! One of my favorite fellowships would be the Envirorotarians (http://www.envirorotarians.org/), those interested in supporting and protecting the environment.

  4. Great videos, they speak of the great club in which I hope to be a part of. Like-minded and warm hearted people joining together to make a difference. Wow, am I dreaming…

  5. Reed, you just haven’t figured out yet that we’re also a little nuts.

    And thank you (and Reed) immeasurably for coming out to play with us today and help us feed a lot of hungry people.

  6. Well Mel, then I should fit in just fine!

    Thank you for having us! We had a blast! Is there such a thing as a win-win-win situation?

    A special thanks to David for introducing me to all you e-club nuts.

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