29 August 2016 — District Governor Greg O’Brien (live), Official Visit


Effective July 1, 2016, by new Rotary International rule, Clubs must meet a minimum of twice each month, regardless of format (in person or online) or date/time. Accordingly, our Club has adopted a policy of two meetings per month, on a mid-month Monday at noon and the usual Fourth Sunday in person meeting. If time and topic call for additional online Programs, we will be pleased to provide them.


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 — 7:00pm to 10:00 pmOur Seventh Annual DANCE FOR THE CHILDREN in support of the international efforts of Rotary Clubs and Rotarians to eradicate polio forever. The event is held at Arthur Murray Sherman Oaks on Van Nuys Boulevard. More details coming soon!

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 — 12:30pm to 2:00 pmOur FOURTH SUNDAY meeting for September! Details soon; The Fireplace Room at Denny’s will be undergoing renovations and a one-month temporary location is in the works.











Past Rotary International President Cliff Dochterman, in his book “The ABCs of Rotary,” tells us all about a District Governor: “The district governor performs a very significant function in the world of Rotary. He or she is the single officer of Rotary International in the geographic area called a district. The district governors, who have been extensively trained at the International Assembly and regionally at the governors-elect training seminar, provide guidance and leadership to the more than 32,000 Rotary clubs of the world. They are responsible for maintaining the high performance of the clubs of their district.

“The district governor is a very experienced Rotarian who generously volunteers more than a year to leading the district; has a wealth of knowledge about current Rotary programs, purposes, policies, and goals; and is a person of recognized high standing in his or her profession, community, and Rotary club. The governor makes at least one official visit to each club in the district. The governor must supervise the organization of new clubs and strengthen existing ones. He or she performs a host of specific duties to ensure that the quality of Rotary does not falter in the district and is responsible for promoting and implementing all programs and activities of the RI president and Board of Directors. The governor plans and directs training for incoming district officers and also oversees the organization of the district conference and other special events.”

In District 5280, the 2016-2017 District Governor is Greg O’Brien.  DG Greg made his “official visit” to our Rotary E-Club of The Greater San Fernando Valley on 28 August 2016, first meeting with the Board (under the watchful eye of his wife Caroyln!) to confirm certain administrative functions of a Rotary Club, learn more about our Club, and open the floor for a conversation about ideas for improvement.  Then he was the guest speaker for the monthly Fourth Sunday regular meeting that followed, offering a rousing and energizing discussion of Rotary’s Four Way Test and other reasons that Rotary Clubs have great value.



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Because of Governor Greg’s focus on the Four-Way Test, our Club prepared a surprise for him:


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  1. It was wonderful hearing the 4-Way test in three languages. My colleague, Myrna Fleming from Jack London CDS was very impressed with the meeting.

  2. It was interesting to hear DG Greg’s remarks about the origins of the Four Way Test and its importance to Rotary.

  3. I loved hearing the history of the Four Way Test. The idea of what it would be like if politicians were required to be Rotarians is quite something.

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