29 August 2011 — Water

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The people reading this sentence almost certainly woke up this morning, went to a sink, turned a faucet, and had access to clean water.  You brushed your teeth and washed your face without a second thought.  Yet access to clean and sanitary water is a major problem worldwide, with hundreds of millions lacking clean drinking water and more than two billion lacking adequate sanitation facilities.

In a world of obstacles to health, Rotary International has made water and sanitation one of its six primary “Areas of Focus,” and we can help.  Here are some materials to give us some ideas, in the hope that we can come up with a great water project for our E-Club. (Lots of information available this week; watch out for “overwhelm,” but take in what you can…)

The video above is described as follows on its YouTube page…and the discussion in this video raises many issues and ideas. “On April 15, the Rotary Club of Washington DC and the Rotary Club Paris Academies hosted the International Summit on Water in Developing Countries at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.”

Last week was World Water Week, and here’s what the Rotary International website had to say about that, with some links and great information.

Water and Sanitation issues are covered, with ideas to implement, on pages eight and nine of this official Rotary International Areas of Focus document–a good resource to download and keep handy.

World Water Week has its own website, of course, with lots of information worth browsing for ideas.

Under the Rotary International umbrella is WASRAG, the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group.  This website is a wonderful source of projects and ideas.

The United Nations has resources focused on water issues as well.


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