28 May 2012 — You


WE ARE FROM ANOTHER PLANET. We have abducted your Club President. We may or may not return him to you. (However, if he does not stop talking about something called “The Los Angeles Kings” and “the Stanley Cup Finals starting on Wednesday,” we may turn around and bring him back right now just to get him off our ship.)

In his absence, YOU must provide the program for this week. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU must post information, or a link to another web page (consider exploring www.rotary.org and finding something interesting to share), in the COMMENTS below.

WE ARE MONITORING your transmissions. We will know if you have complied. If you do not comply, we have the technology to do really bad things to you, things like hiding your car keys, rearranging your sock drawer so the pairs don’t match, or randomly re-setting all of your clocks and watches five minutes early every day for two weeks.

If you do comply, YOU will learn something interesting about Rotary and the world, and better still you will TEACH your fellow Club Members and worldwide visitors something interesting.


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  1. Yoko said on May 28, 2012

    Good work, Mel, I mean, creepy aliens! Very cool and creative. I have to think about this and get back to you.

    By the way, I already lose my car keys (and cell phone,) have missing socks, and watches that don’t keep time without your help. You guys need to be a lot more creative than that!

  2. Are you from Rann, Krypton, Thanagarian, Mongo… It makes a difference. Mars is dead as a planet, Krypton exploded, Rann is xenophobic and Thanagar is a Facist police state so depending on where you’re from Mel mast be better off then being brought back. I’m sure Yoko will be upset but we do what we can. Thank goodness it’s not the Skulls. Mel could be returned in pieces. Digested pieces. Please tell Mel we will try to retrieve him. Just remember, we don’t trade for damaged goods.

  3. Might as well take him with you, aliens. He’ll tell you a lot about Rotary :)

  4. Hey, check out the view through the porthole on the aliens’ ship. Nice. See that little dot just inside the thin 2nd ring on the left? That’s Earth. Ya know, I think I can see my house from here. http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/image/0610/newrings_cassini_big.jpg

  5. Hey maybe the folks at Rotary of Space Center can help us out … http://rotaryofspacecenter.org/
    Or maybe the guys in Baker…Alien Fresh Jerky…anybody know any Rotarians out there??

  6. The Sunrise Rotary in Roswell, New Mexico is closer and has recently had extraterrestrial sightings apparently originating in California. They say they get a lot of those. Take a look. http://roswellsunriserotary.org

  7. If I leave a link, will you return my single socks? Since joining Rotary I have been fascinated by the number and variety of Fellowships. Check it out: http://rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/fellowships_flier_en.pdf

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