28 July 2014 — Lori Hall (Live): Safe Water Project by Global Classrooms For Peace


Another lazy, July week.  Or is it? There is a lot going on at the Rotary E-Club of the GSFV!

Our program this week sheds light on how Global Classrooms for Peace is improving the lives of many children and adults in the Fijian Islands.  View the video presentation to see what GC4P itself has accomplished since 2006, and it’s most recent work in partnership with UCLA graduate students to provide safe water to the residents of the Islands.

On the home front, our E-Club is hard at work on upcoming projects, including our next quarterly Food Drive on August 17, 2014, at Gelson’s in Sherman Oaks, as well as our 5th Annual Dance for the Children Fundraiser for Polio Plus, on September 20th, at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, also in Sherman Oaks.  Our monthly E-wareness programs on health issues are also in the planning stages.  In the months ahead, look for E-wareness programs on Suicide Prevention, Breast Cancer, and Bone Marrow & Blood Cancers, among others.

As always, be sure to check back here to engage in our enlightening weekly programs, and to stay informed on our projects and activities.

Linda Catran
President, 2014-2015


SUNDAY, AUGUST 17 — 10:00am to 4:00pm — ONE MORE ITEM FOOD DRIVE, Gelson’s Sherman Oaks, our sixth!

SUNDAY, AUGUST 24 — 12:30pm — Our FOURTH SUNDAY meeting for August, with special guest speaker TBA and exciting team news!








Our special guest speaker for the Club’s monthly Fourth Sunday Gathering on 27 July 2014 was Lori Hall, founder of an amazing endeavor called Global Classrooms for Peace.  For this week’s online program, we invite you first to take a look at her organization’s website by clicking here…then come back to this window and hear from Lori herself.


If the embedded video does not work, please click here to view it on YouTube.




CLICK HERE to view the PowerPoint Lori shared with us, including some phenomenal photos.  (Please be patient, as this may take a moment to load; the photos are awesome but make for a large file size.)

Here is the video Lori showed us during the live meeting, a brief visual on what they’re doing and how they’re doing it:


Here are Lori and President Linda with the children’s book we will donate in Lori’s name to REACH OUT AND READ LOS ANGELES in gratitude for her time and expertise at our meeting, and for you here online.










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  1. Great to review the presentation. Lori Hall was a terrific speaker. I enjoyed the opportunity to see the film again and savor the spectacular vistas.

  2. Sorry I wasn’t able to attend in person but glad I got to see the program.

  3. Thank you for sharing the wonderful ways Lori and her team are making life better for so many through Global Classrooms for Peace. I am proud that Bruins continue to work to make water accessible to those in need. Talk about an amazing learning experience for all involved!

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