28 January 2013 — Speakers, District 5280’s Group Study Exchange Team!


Our Fireplace Room meeting on Sunday, 27 January, proved to be as wonderful as expected, with a huge crowd, visiting Rotarians, a new friend who enjoyed the experience so much that soon she will be inducted as the newest member of our Rotary Club–and a program that truly defines “World Class.”

The Group Study Exchange program (GSE) has been one of Rotary’s more popular international endeavors. For many reasons–quite honestly, some of which don’t get a lot of agreement from those who have experienced both the journey and the local visits with great people who have come here–the program is shifting in focus in the future.

For the past several years of the program, we’ve been lucky here in the San Fernando Valley and made some great friends.  The final “outbound” GSE Team from our District, now 5280, served as marvelous ambassadors for our region and for our Rotary Clubs. On Sunday, we enjoyed the presentation of the Team Leader, Rotarian Jewel Price of the Rotary Club of Glendale Sunrise, and two of the members of the four-person team, Angela Kim and Kai Tramiel. They were able to bring to us the flavor and joy and education of their visit to Japan on October and November.

February is World Understanding Month in Rotary, and in this final week of January we launched ourselves into remembering how to make the world a little smaller and a little friendlier. Eventually that will mean more peaceful, too.











Take four young professionals from one part of the world. Give them a Rotarian escort from the home area, and send them all off to visit a faraway land where they will be hosted by, and enjoy amazing vocational and cultural experiences arranged by, Rotarians in that faraway land. Soon thereafter, welcome four young professionals from that faraway land and their Rotarian escort to your own part of the world, and give them a vocational and cultural experience of a lifetime.

That’s Group Study Exchange. Enjoy here the stories and experiences of the Rotarian, Jewel Price, and two of the young professionals, Kai Tramiel and Angela Kim, who represented all of us to the Shizuoka and Yamanashi areas of Japan in October and November of 2012.


If the embedded video is not visible, please click here to view it on YouTube.

Here is the link to the GSE TEAM’S BLOG during their visit to Japan, as mentioned by Angela.

With great thanks for their sharing it, here is the entire PowerPoint Presentation they showed us at the meeting.

After the presentation, the team was kind enough to answer question from the Rotarians and friends at the meeting:

If the embedded video is not visible, please click here to view it on YouTube.

The opinions expressed by guest speakers are those of the speaker(s) and not necessarily of the Rotary E-Club of The Greater San Fernando Valley or its members. No endorsement is implied. Programs are presented for informational purposes only.


4 responses to 28 January 2013 — Speakers, District 5280’s Group Study Exchange Team!

  1. Great speakers and a wonderful presentation. Loved the energy that the GSE team broght back from the experience. Would love to know more about the team members as they seem to be exceptional members in the community as well.

    PS. Good to be home :)

  2. We find great people to send them on these adventures…and they meet great people, who treat them well…and finding continuing ways to exchange friendship and culture around the world will only a benefit to everyone.

  3. It was great meeting the presenters and learning about GSE. It would be fun to invite more teams to present at our meetings.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed our GSE speakers. It is very gratifying to see the impact that Rotary has on those selected for exchange and also on the people in the host country. It’s a great program.

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