27 May 2013 — Rotary Peace Forum #3, Hiroshima


A US Holiday weekend is no excuse to miss out on Rotary information, especially when the holiday is Memorial Day, dedicated to remembrance of those who gave their lives in military service to the nation, and the information is about the one thing every soldier wants the most: peace.











Rotary International President Sakuji Tanaka hosted the third of his three Peace Forums, this ome in Hiroshima, Japan, focusing on his theme of Peace Through Service.  This week’s short program is from www.rotary.org; please learn about the gathering ten days ago, and please take the brief few moments to read the “Peace Begins With You” Declaration, which you will find linked within this article.

What can we do, every day, to work for peace?



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  1. Tough day to reflect on peace. Lot of movies showing war at its worst.most showed the waste such conflicts encourage and promote. Organized insanity.

  2. The Declaration has some profound statements, particularly about embracing your enemies, that support long term peace. President Tanaka made a bold move in hosting the Peace Forum in Hiroshima. Read the book Hiroshima by John Hersey and you’ll never again feel that war is us against them.

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