26 October 2015 — Janet Higgins, Speaker (live): Be The Match and Bone Marrow Donation


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Janet Higgins with President Roy.










We look for opportunities to partner with Be The Match, the non-profit organization with the National Bone Marrow Database, whenever we can. It would be an important and valuable endeavor for its own sake, but for our Rotary Club the process has a very special meaning. For this week’s Program we leave the introduction to our current Club President, Roy Glickman, quoting from the Rotary E-wareness Campaign he curated in November of 2014.

“Would you donate some stem cells to save a life? A stranger did that for me through a worldwide data base. I hope to get more donors enrolled and more lives saved.

“In October 2011 I received some very unsettling news from my doctor. Blood tests and a bone marrow biopsy had confirmed that I had a rare bone marrow disease that was rapidly progressing and for which there was no treatment. The only hope was a stem cell transplant, which would replace my diseased marrow with new healthy bone marrow.

“But a transplant was only possible if a genetically matched donor could be found. I had no relative who could be a donor, so my doctor turned to Be the Match, a nonprofit organization which maintains a registry of over 10,000,000 potential donors. Fortunately, within weeks a perfect match was found for me and I was scheduled for the transplant. It saved my life.

“I owe my new healthy bone marrow to the donor halfway around the world who provided his stem cells to me and to Be the Match which located him. I was lucky. Many patients never find a donor who is a suitable match for them. I hope that by publicizing how easy it is to register as a donor, how simple it is to donate cells if a donor is determined to be a match for a patient, and how lives are saved by this procedure, more donors will join the registry and more patients will have successful transplants like I had.”

And now we invite you to learn the process and the importance from our special guest speaker, Janet Higgins, Community Outreach Specialist for Be The Match out of City Of Hope.


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3 responses to 26 October 2015 — Janet Higgins, Speaker (live): Be The Match and Bone Marrow Donation

  1. Excellent program–very inspirational! Although I’m over the age limit, I’ll definitely check out their website and encourage people I know to consider being a registered donor.

  2. I wish I could donate. I’ll post the link to their FB page on my FB page to build awareness and encourage others within the age range to do so.

  3. Be the Match makes medical miracles happen. It was great to have Janet come to our meeting and explain how the donor database works. I am happy that we can help spread the word and increase the number of potential donors in the registry.

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