26 January 2015 — California State Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian (live)


Due to major computer problems, I have been unable to post this week’s Program until Thursday afternoon–as I write this. The Monday immediately following our monthly Fourth Sunday gathering we present the video, recorded live, of our special guest speaker from the in-person meeting. Three days late…here it is.

To add to the fun, for the first time ever our Club’s video camera failed (but of course was working fine 6 hours later). Club Member Reed Galloway stepped in with his iPhone, sat perfectly still, and saved the online version of the program.

Meanwhile, the temporary page we set up here on Monday of this week proved to be so popular, with the music of the incomparable Slovenian a capella group Perpetuum Jazzile, that we have kept it on the page at the bottom.

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We were privileged this month to have a visit from California State Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian, who represents the 46th Assembly District covering much of the southeastern portion of the San Fernando Valley. The Assemblymember gave us an inside look at state issues, especially as they relate to us here in and around the Valley.

Assemblymember Nazarian, representing the 46th District, grew up in the San Fernando Valley and earned a BA in Economics from UCLA. Prior to his election to the Assembly, he had served as Chief of Staff to then-Assistant Majority Leader Paul Krekorian in the California State legislature, and then as Chief of Staff to Los Angeles City Councilmember Krekorian.

Professionally, he also served as an aide to Congressman Brad Sherman, assisting him with business and labor community issues, and then as a Special Assistant, appointed by Governor Gray Davis, to the California Trade and Commerce Agency. During his tenure at the agency, he helped establish the Division of Science, Technology, and Innovation, which focused on creating and maintaining technology based jobs in California.

Adrin has served on the boards of several community based organizations, and his desire to serve the public grew in part from an early internship volunteering as an interviewer of battered and abused women at the San Fernando Valley Superior Court Domestic Violence Clinic unit as a summer internship job.

He is a former Rotarian with the Wilshire Rotary Club of Los Angeles, one of the reasons he was inclined to accept the invitation to speak from our Programs Chair, who cornered him in the bread section of the local Trader Joe’s.

[Note: we regret that we were unable to record the Q&A session after Adrin’s presentation, but we were very grateful to him for an interesting and informative give-and-take.]

If the embedded video does not work, please click here to view it on YouTube.


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  1. Looking forward to the program⚡️

  2. Looking forward to the program⚡️

  3. What a lovely audio surprise! Thank you, Mel, for your humor. I am sending you tons of positive energy to help get you through this time of computer woe.

  4. As a fan of most kinds of music, and of A Capella songs, I really like them all. My favorite among the four, however, is ABBA.

    Thanks, Mel!

  5. Hey Mel,

    Loved the music! Sorry you’ve been having compter issues. Not fair. This too shall pass. Enjoyed the placeholder. Thanks :)

  6. Here’s my smile :)

  7. Nice music selection, Mel. Thanks. I vote for Abba, too.

  8. Sorry but my vote is for Van Halen, much better air guitar! Lol.

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