26 August 2013 — District Governor Karin Janzon (2340, Sweden), speaker, live via Skype



The most exciting day in the internal life of a Rotary Club comes when the Club welcomes a new member to the family.  Rotary Clubs love to have many days tie as “most exciting day.”  Our monthly “Fourth Sunday” gathering of 25 August 2013 was a most exciting day with the induction of the newest Rotarian in the world, Mr. Reed Galloway.

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(Photo: President Sara presents DG Karin with her speaker gift, one of the children’s books we will donate in her name to Reach Out And Read Los Angeles.)

There are special guest speakers at Rotary Club meetings all over the world.  The guest speaker for our monthly “Fourth Sunday” gathering on 25 August 2013 redefined “special.”  Every Rotary District has a District Governor, and every District Governor makes an “official visit” to every Club in his or her District.  Rarely–if ever–does a District Governor make an unofficial visit to a Club in a District 5,400 miles / 8,700 kilometers away.

Our guest this week is District Governor Karin Janzon, of the Rotary Club of Degerfors, Sweden.  Karin is serving as District Governor of Rotary District 2340 in Sweden.  A couple of years ago Karin, along with Rotarians Janice and Tim Mason from UK, had visited many of us in our previous Club, during a fun and informal evening right here in The Fireplace Room at Denny’s in Sherman Oaks, California.












Karin’s District includes 52 Clubs, spread over an area as far as 1,800 kilometers across.  That’s around 1,100 miles, or from Sherman Oaks, California to Amarillo, Texas.  As we agreed during our conversation, in contrast our District 5280 sees its northernmost and southernmost Clubs only about 50 miles apart (yet the trip on the 405 freeway could take just as much time).

Karin was kind enough to stay up late and visit our Club live via Skype as our very special guest speaker.

We had some brief technical difficulties with our visit, and the first few minutes were not recorded.  During the portion we lost, Karin talked about her Rotary District 2340, over the large geographical area.  The previous week, in her first week making her Official Visits to Clubs, she visited five Clubs in one day…far away, including an Inter-City meeting combining Clubs, which is often done when a District Governor’s region covers a very large area.

The remainder of the conversation was worth every international, local, worldwide, personal moment.  Please enjoy our visit with District Governor (2340) Karin Janzon.

If the embedded video does not work, please click here to view it on YouTube.


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8 responses to 26 August 2013 — District Governor Karin Janzon (2340, Sweden), speaker, live via Skype

  1. Yesterday’s meeting was a great example of the opportunities created by an e club. Sorry we couldn’t be there.

  2. A truly inspiring meeting. A fine example of how a small club’s numbers can be multiplied exponentially. Join the E-Club; join the world!

  3. What an awesome program with DG Karin Janzon in District 2340 in Sweden! We are on the cutting edge of Rotary E-club technology, thanks to our Program Chair and Past Pres. Mel Powell! Karin, you are always welcome to visit us in person. We would love to have you join our Rotary e-club family here! We’ll definitely stay in touch.

  4. Reed, Reed, Reed! Welcome, welcome, welcome!

  5. Wow, what a program! It was great to hear DG Karin talk about the projects they are working on in Sweden via Skype. It was also interesting to hear how fellow Rotarians are networking together on Facebook. The power of technology!

    Thank you Sara, and the rest of Rotary e-club, I look forward to serving with ALL of you too!!!

  6. It was so great to “see” Karin again! And Reed, welcome!!

  7. Welcome to the club, Reed! We’re very excited to have you and your family as part of our Rotary family! Great to see the rest of your family to at your induction. Very nice!

    Thank you for being part of the exciting day, DG Karin! It was uplifting, exciting, and fascinating experience to have a guest speaker from Sweden at our club meeting at Denny’s Sherman Oaks. Looking forward to seeing the rest of you in 3D soon :)

  8. pretty cool meeting. lots to talk about in the weeks that followed.

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