25 November 2013 — Learning More About The Rotary Foundation


Congratulations, and thank you on behalf of the people we serve worldwide through the vehicle of Rotary and The Rotary Foundation, to our President, Sara Vasquez. Sara has just become a Paul Harris Fellow by clearing the $1,000 US mark for lifetime donations to The Rotary Foundation.

















No frills, nothing fancy…just good, solid, well-researched, well-presented, extremely useful information about The Rotary Foundation and grants, courtesy of our Club Rotary Foundation Chair, Roy Glickman.

Here is the link to Roy’s handout, which will open in a separate browser window if you want to refer to it during the video.


If the embedded video does not work, please click here to view it on YouTube.

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3 responses to 25 November 2013 — Learning More About The Rotary Foundation

  1. Thank you Roy, You taught me a lot about the foundation, grants, and the importance of donating.
    Congrats to Prez Sara on becoming a Paul Harris Fellow!!

  2. Thanks for doing this. Foundation funds and matching grants. What a concept?

  3. Great job, Roy! Thank you!

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