25 May 2015 — Hon. Harry H. Horinouchi, Consul General of Japan, Speaker


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One of the best aspects of any local Rotary Club is its connection to the vast network of Rotary Clubs all around the world.  Because we are part of an international organization of like-minded individuals and Clubs, a major focus of Rotary life is world peace and understanding.

There are many ways to learn about a foreign nation, but one excellent method is to have a conversation with a county’s official diplomatic, political, and cultural representative right here in Los Angeles.  We had the privilege to sit down for just such a conversation with the Honorable Harry H. Horinouchi, Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles.



Harry H. (Hidehisa) Horinouchi was appointed Consul General of Japan, Los Angeles, in August 2014. During the course of his career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), he has spent over ten years in China, and the remainder of his overseas postings in the United States (Washington DC and Los Angeles). During assignments at MOFA headquarters in Tokyo, Horinouchi has been charged with legal affairs and treaties portfolios, in addition to Asian and Oceanian regional affairs and international intelligence analysis. He has written numerous law journal articles on international legal issues, authored one book published in China for Chinese readership, and has been a lecturer on international law at Waseda University’s Graduate School of Law. He is a graduate of the Law Faculty of Tokyo University, and also attended Nanjing University in China and Harvard Graduate School in Regional Studies.


Seventy years ago the United States and Japan were at war; today the two nations are close friends.  There was no planning or intention to post this interview during the week that starts with the United States Memorial Day, the scheduling happened as it happened, but perhaps it is accidentally fitting to honor the sacrifice of soldiers by striving for the peace they fought for and demonstrating that peace with the representative of a long-time friend who was once an adversary.

We hope in the future to learn from other Consuls General here in Los Angeles, widening our understanding of foreign lands.  For this week, please enjoy this conversation with the Honorable Harry Horinouchi, Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles.


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Our Club is grateful to our friend Jennifer Usyak, President-Elect of the Rotary Club of Los Angeles, who is an Advisor at the Consulate General of Japan, for facilitating this interview with the Consul General.

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  1. That was a very wide ranging and informative interview. It was nice to find out what the consul system is about. I will be interested to see the list of suggested movies.

  2. Great program!

  3. We are very lucky to be connected to people in interesting positions. Great interview!

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