25 April 2016 — Ron Stewart, Speaker, Court Appointed Special Advocates


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For April 2016, we heard from Nancy Schmidt!










“Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers are appointed by dependency court judges to gather information about the circumstances of children who have been removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect.  The information they provide to the court assists judges in making more informed decisions about the children who appear before them.”

We were fortunate to have as our guest speaker Ron Stewart, who served for many years as a CASA volunteer, for our Fourth Sunday Meeting in April 2016.

Mr. Stewart also provided these handouts with some very helpful information about CASA.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We regret the technical glitch and shut down the video camera before the end of Mr. Stewart’s presentation and present the first 80% of it here.

You can visit the CASA-LA website by clicking here.

We also strongly recommend that you visit our Club’s E-wareness campaign, as curated by Natalia Yungerlevi, about foster care.  You can find that page on our website here.


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7 responses to 25 April 2016 — Ron Stewart, Speaker, Court Appointed Special Advocates

  1. I enjoyed yesterday’s guest. Very informative.

  2. Thank you Ron for all the time that you spend helping foster children.

  3. I had seen a CASA presentation before at a SCSO Rotary Club meeting. I’m grateful to be reminded about this program and the good work the volunteers are doing for these children.

  4. Ron presented interesting points about a much needed service to children in difficult situations.

  5. Thanks for the information. I didn’t realize how much CASAs do.

  6. Thanks to Ron Stewart for a very interesting presentation. I knew very little about CASA beyond its full name, so it was nice to learn more about the program. Thanks also to Mel, for providing links to the handouts.

  7. Sorry I missed this meeting, I learned a lot about a subject that I wanted to know more about. The sad part is the statistics don’t look very promising. Fifty percent will not graduate High School, and sixty percent at 19 years old are unemployed. That sounds like we need to do a much better job than we currently do for these children…

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