24 August 2015 — Dr. Jorge Vazquez (live), Speaker: “El Niño” (The Climate Condition)


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There’s a climate condition known as El Niño that creates interesting, and sometimes severe, weather. It comes in a cyclical way, meaning over years, not days; it can bring a lot of moisture to the Eastern Pacific Ocean (meaning the West Coast of the Americas); and while we don’t think about it much it can cause vicious droughts in Australia–on the other side of this.

During our usual high-energy monthly Fourth Sunday meeting in Sherman Oaks, California, on August 23, we had a special guest speaker in a special interview format, there to teach us about El Niño, how it happens, what it means, and how it may affect us.

Dr. Jorge Vazquez is an oceanographer and climate scientist with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, an educator, and perhaps most importantly a Member of our Rotary E-Club of the Greater San Fernando Valley.  Jorge was here to explain the way the world works–and yes, that means things that affect the entire planet.

CLICK HERE for Jorge’s JPL page.


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By the way, here’s the latest from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.


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5 responses to 24 August 2015 — Dr. Jorge Vazquez (live), Speaker: “El Niño” (The Climate Condition)

  1. Very informative program. Thank you, Jorge.

  2. Great program! I’m only sorry we didn’t have more time. It’s such a timely and relevant topic for all of us. I hope Jorge will consider doing a followup program sometime later in the year.

  3. Thank you, Jorge. Very timely program. Let’s hope it brings us some rain and some snow in the Eastern Sierra.

  4. Thank you, Jorge, for sharing the research about El Niño. My guests and I thoroughly enjoyed our Sunday program and look forward to hearing from you again.

  5. Wonderful topic, great speaker, fun crowd. It’s as good as it gets!

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