23 September 2013 — Diane Davis, Speaker: Rotary Youth Service


This coming Saturday, 28 September 2013, from 7pm to 10pm, our Rotary Club will DANCE FOR THE CHILDREN at our fourth annual fun- and fund-raising event for The Rotary Foundation’s PolioPlus program, as we continue the worldwide push to eradicate polio forever. As this week’s program posts we have received generous donations, mostly from non-Rotarians, of more than $2,000 US; with the two-for-one match from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation currently in effect, we can vaccinate more than 10,000 children who will never get polio. After you’ve enjoyed this week’s program, please visit our HOME page to learn more.










Rotary Clubs engage in many types of service projects, and they are categorized worldwide in five categories. Invariably any project involves more than one of the avenues, which are Club, Community, International, Vocational, and this week’s topic, Youth Service.

Through our service to, and in partnership with, young people, Rotary Clubs focus on the future. We help develop leaders, help offer educational opportunities, in extreme cases help meet basic needs.

For this week’s program, at our monthly Fourth Sunday gathering, we enjoyed a great visit and wonderful presentation from Diane Davis of the Rotary Club of Downey, our District 5280 Senior Assistant Governor for Youth Service (a role we used to know in our former District as District Chair; instead of furniture, our Districts leaders are instead seniors, which isn’t fair as Diane isn’t that old!).

As we learned on Sunday, and as our online visitors will learn in this presentation, there are many options for a Rotary Club in reaching out to local young people; as our Club develops and grows, we will look for those opportunities and ask you to share any ideas or contacts inspired by Diane’s information.


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2 responses to 23 September 2013 — Diane Davis, Speaker: Rotary Youth Service

  1. Diane’s presentation on youth services was very informative. It’s great to see all the programs that are available to children and young adults.

    Kudos to such a big turn out for our meeting too!

  2. So many great youth programs available through Rotary. I didn’t realize the Interact age was dropped to 12. Great idea to engage the kids at a young age. The elementary program sounds interesting. I wonder, though, if one can remain involved through adulthood without getting burned out.

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