23 March 2015 — Kafi Blumenfield, Speaker (live), Discovery Cube Los Angeles


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Kafi Blumenfield has pursued a career filled with service and with tackling social issues and making the world a better place. Her latest endeavor finds her leading, as the founding Executive Director, the amazing new San Fernando Valley-based science museum, Discovery Cube Los Angeles.

Check out their website by clicking here.

Kafi was kind enough to visit our Fourth Sunday gathering on 22 March in Sherman Oaks, where she taught us all about the museum and reminded us of the importance of stimulating the interest of kids in the STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering, and math.

And don’t miss how cookies and candy can help…


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2 responses to 23 March 2015 — Kafi Blumenfield, Speaker (live), Discovery Cube Los Angeles

  1. It was a pleasure to listen to Kafi share about the wonderful opportunities the Discovery Cube Los Angeles offers. I can’t wait to bring my Girl Scout troop, my third grade students, and my family!

  2. Had a great time learning about the Discovery Cube. So much so that we are going next week on spring break!

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