23 June 2014 — Will Hernandez (Live): Hunger, and Solutions, in the San Fernando Valley


We made a library! On Saturday, 21 June 2014, we visited Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind in Reseda, our partner organization for our District Community Grant. With gratitude to District 5280 for the contributed matching funds, we provided the shelves and the books, both printed and braille, for their new library. On 21 June we labeled the books with bookplates from our Club and helped shelve them for use for the residents and day-program participants and their families.

Here we are from November 2013 along the empty wall…and then here we are again in front of the new library.








(Yes, those standing in the second photo are in the same order, left to right, as in the “before” photo. We’re funny that way.)










Aware of the hunger crisis in our own back yard, our Rotary Club created the quarterly and very successful “One More Item” Food Drives just about two years ago.  We had enjoyed a connection with Valley Food Bank and its Director, Will Hernandez, all the way back to a previous Rotary Club many of us called home before this E-Club was created.

Along with our Food Drives in support of Valley Food Bank, we also participate once a year on “Stamp Out Hunger” Day, the food drive implemented by the National Association of Letter Carriers, as we provide the muscle (and some of the fun) while unloading the donations, collected along each postal route, from the mail trucks and loading up the Food Bank’s truck.

We thought it would be a great idea to hang out with Will at our monthly Fourth Sunday gathering on June 22, and let him teach us an important piece of the puzzle: who is on the other side of that non-perishable food we gather from generous shoppers.  We were right.  Here’s Will to anchor us in the meaning and value of what our Club does to serve our community.

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In October of 2012, Will was kind enough to lead us on a tour of the Food Bank’s warehouse and give us a look at the path the donations take from donor to beneficiary. You can take the tour by clicking here and then come on back to this page by licking THIS WEEK’S PROGRAM on the links menu at right.  (If you are viewing this program after 29 June 2014, just go to the PROGRAMS tab at the top to navigate back to this page…you’ll find it.)

 You can also visit the Valley Food Bank’s website, and we recommend checking it out.  The materials Will brought to our meeting are available on the website.

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6 responses to 23 June 2014 — Will Hernandez (Live): Hunger, and Solutions, in the San Fernando Valley

  1. Listening to Will Hernandez speak was not only a great reminder of the wonderful work of the Valley Food Bank, I also learned for the first time of its various other programs – including outreach – as well as its commitment to feeding, without judgment, all those in need. It’s nice to know our Food Drive projects make a difference.

  2. Always a blast with Will. We love our Food Drive project.

  3. It was wonderful to hear about the positive impact the Valley Food Bank has on the community. I look forward to participating in another Food Drive project with this dynamic Rotary Club. In the meantime, I am sharing what I learned from Will’s presentation about the various products and services that are needed with other community members.

  4. It’s always so much fun at our clubs food drives. I enjoy bringing my kids too, it’s a great way to show them how to make a difference in our community.

  5. I am sorry this response is late. Visiting TLC was and contributing with the stamping and shelving books in the library was a wonderful, fulfilling experience.
    I really enjoyed Will Hernandez visit to our meeting. Mr. Hernandez, I feel gave us a greater understanding of the work and procedures of the Valley Food Bank. It is nice to know that our club is active with food drives to assist Will & The Valley Food Bank.

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