23 July 2012 — Rotary and “Future Vision”


We are changing our meeting format! Beginning immediately, our Club will meet twice each month in The Fireplace Room at Denny’s Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, California. The E-Club format will continue with online programs during the off-weeks, and where possible we will also post video and information from our bi-weekly in-person meetings during the “on-weeks.”

We will meet on the second Monday evening of each month, 6:15-7:45, bell at 6:30 sharp.

We will meet on the fourth Sunday afternoon of each month, 12:30-2:00, bell at 12:45 sharp.

The first meeting, due to timing, is this coming Sunday, 29 June…which is the fifth Sunday, but nobody’s perfect. Don’t get fooled! It’ll be the 2nd Monday and 4th Sunday moving forward.

Our guest speaker in 29 July is the fabulous Joan Pelico, District Director for Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz. Joan is a friend of Rotary and to many of us, and in fact starred in the video for our First Annual Dance For The Children in 2012. Visit our Projects page to see that video. (No, she will not be dancing at the meeting this Sunday.)

The change in format reflects our need for more consistent communication among members, as well as giving us more opportunities to invite prospective new Rotarians to hands-on meetings and events where they can learn who we are and what Rotary can do.









The Rotary Foundation Future Vision Pilot was a three-year test of a new grant structure.  Having concluded based on the pilot program that it was a positive change, the new structure takes effect formally in 1 July 2013.

Our Club will learn about the process of obtaining financial grants from The Rotary Foundation and our District to enhance our community and international projects.  There will be a learning curve; and in fact Rotary International will require that Clubs be trained and certified in the new process in order to be eligible to receive grants.  This is a good thing–knowledge is always helpful.

For this week we have an overview of the new grant structure in a Rotary E-Learn module.  As you review this module–you will need to advance the “slides” by clicking near the bottom left on the PLAY button; you’ll figure it out–consider how a grant of matching funds might enhance any of our existing projects or a new one that pops into your head.  Please be a little bit patient as it first loads in for you to review.




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  1. Seems a bit complected but I trust these changes are necessary to accommodate better future. I hope we can take advantage of the numerous grant opportunities available for our club and projects.

  2. Looks like we need training on the new process. I signed up for the Future Vision newsletter. I’m hoping our club projects can be supported by the new RI grants.

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